Publish articles automatically on Facebook

Publish articles automatically on Facebook

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Recently the demand for self-publishing of articles from WordPress to a Facebook page has intensified . There are many ways to automatically publish articles from our blog to the Facebook page (or personal profile), for example we could use external services like Buffer , HootSuite , Later , or many others and of course there are plugins that help to get the same result with a few clicks. Today I want to show you how to publish articles from your WordPress site blog automatically on a Facebook page .

To do this we will use AccessPress Facebook Auto Post , a very simple to use free plugin that does not need to create Facebook apps and secret keys.

If you want to know other plugins to automatically publish your articles on Facebook, I suggest you take a look at my article The best plugins to automatically publish posts from WordPress to Facebook (and other social networks ) in which I point out the best plugins from me personally tried.

AccessPress Facebook Auto Post

As mentioned, the strength of this plugin is the ease of use that differentiates it from the many similar plugins of its kind. In this tutorial we will use the free version of the plugin which has only some limitations compared to the PRO version, but which is not necessary for our purpose, that is to publish the articles of our blog (but also the pages or any other custom post type) automatically from the WordPress site to Facebook .


If you have already followed this tutorial and appreciated the potential of this plugin, know that AccessPress Facebook Auto Post PRO, besides allowing you to automatically publish on a Facebook page or profile, gives you the possibility to configure all the Facebook profiles you want , in addition to possibility to also use the social accounts of other platforms such as Twitter , LinkedIn , Tumblr , etc.

How to publish automatically on the Facebook page

First of all, install and activate the free AccessPress Facebook Auto Post plugin on your site from which you will auto publish the articles on Facebook, then the entry for the Settings menu of this plugin will appear in the admin area , clicking and accessing the settings go to set as follows:


  1. Select Facebook Mobile API to use the credentials of your Facebook account (remember that you will have to use the account with which you are administrator / publisher of the Facebook page on which you will publish your articles).
  2. Check the Auto Publish option to publish each new article / page automatically published on Facebook.
  3. Enter your Facebook username and password .
  4. Click on Generate Access Token to create the token key that will allow the system to publish on the Facebook page you are about to select.
  5. Copy the token key generated by the system.
  6. Paste the token in the next text area.
  7. Click on Add Account , at this point the system will load all the pages of which you are an administrator / publisher, but not only, in fact your personal profile will also be displayed in addition to the Facebook groups you belong to.
  8. In the Post Message Format text area you can insert the tags that will automatically generate your post (using tags that start with # as specified by the plugin).


  1. Choose the Attach Blog Post option to have the plugin automatically paste the link to the article whenever you post a new article / page on your blog.
  2. Select the type of content you want to publish automatically (Articles, Pages, CPT, etc.).
  3. Click on the Save Settings button to save the latest settings.

Latest tests and checks

At this point you just have to try if everything went the right way.

In my example I have selected Articles as the type of content to be shared automatically, so I go to my articles and click on Add Article, then I insert a title, the body, a highlighted image and before clicking on public I make sure that the option Enable Auto Post in the right bar is set to YES .

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