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We Are A Video Marketing Agency Specializing In Creating Video Content For Instagram, Facebook And The Web. We Produce Promotional Or Communication Content, In Line With Your Brand, Creative And Result-Oriented.


The team of our video marketing agency is made up of video makers, marketing and creative experts who will work together to design and create the best video content for social networks and the web. Your promotional or communication goals will be in first place in video production, which will be based on the brand’s tone of voice and its identity.

Our customers are brands, service companies, institutions, political parties and many other kinds of activities that operate in different sectors. All our projects are joined by extreme attention to detail and a strong orientation towards the final result.

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Video marketing: conquering the web with images

Over the years, communication has become one of the most powerful marketing tools, think about the effect that a commercial has, for decades it has been a tool that enters homes and has evolved with the evolution of platforms.

Indeed, figures on Internet video marketing consistently show how much this tool needs to be integrated into an attractive digital communication strategy. As an attractive, accessible and viral means of communication, video is a solid conversion tool.

Do you want to understand the pros and cons of video communication ? Are you planning to start but don’t know where to start?


It is the most attractive content If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-crafted video is more likely to engage Internet users.

This success is based, first of all, on saving time: the Internet user prefers the quick view of a video to the longer reading of an article.

On the other hand, audiovisual production encourages creativity and storytelling : fun, educational content, promotional content ….. convey emotions, improve your brand identity, and generate more engagement.

Increase your notoriety on social networks

Video is the most shared content format on social networks. In fact, the average engagement rate for a video on Facebook is 6%, compared to 4.8% for a post with a photo, and 3.3% for a post with a link2. (Source:

Communicating through video on social media is therefore promoting the virality of its contents, and therefore its notoriety among the public and its visibility on the web.

Generate more conversions For once, the figures speak for themselves: email campaigns containing videos record 2-4 times more CTR and loyalty that grows by 35% (Source: Social media easy)

By making the message more readable and attractive, the use of video as a means of communication therefore has a very positive impact on the consumer and on their purchase intentions. Furthermore, this format increases your credibility towards potential customers, customers and users: a customer success story or a video demonstration are formats that convince the user more easily.


Improve the natural referencing of your site Google promotes the results of its YouTube video platform. As a result, a webpage with a video is much more likely to end up on the first page of results.

In addition, thanks to more attractive content, Internet users spend more time on pages containing videos. This increases their popularity in the eyes of Google.

To optimize the natural referencing of your videos on YouTube we recommend that you:

specify the video file name choose a title that includes your keyword take care of the description enter the category put tags insert transcripts and subtitles, put in place CTAs to encourage interaction, form a playlist with several videos. It is mobile-friendly The smartphone is the most popular screen, much more appreciated than the computer.

On mobile phones, video has become the most popular format over time, because it is the easiest to interact with. Indeed, the Internet user only has to turn his smartphone to enjoy a full screen view. The assimilation of information is more enjoyable than reading on a cell phone.

Encourage innovation in communication Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 360 ° video ….. Thanks to the technical advances in recent years, video has become the playground on which to express creativity and produce innovative content, which Internet users can share.

Example of a Renault video ad, just click and drag on the video image to get a 360 ° view of the cockpit:

How to develop a video marketing strategy? The advantages identified above have convinced you of the importance of digital video communication, but you don’t know where to start?


To guide you, we specify here the key stages of a good video marketing strategy:

Define your goals The video can be used for different purposes, depending on the structure and development strategy of your company:

communicate a new image raise awareness of your brand provide a response in the context of crisis communication generate more visitors to your website spread the use of software, services, etc. Either way, try to aim accurately and stay effective. There is no need to look at the millions of views. Focus on the essential: sending the right message to the right people.

But how do you identify the right people?

Define your audience Segmentation remains common in all marketing activities. It is the sine qua non for taking relevant action and achieving concrete results. And of course, the video is no exception.

We therefore recommend that you define your target profiles and your people in advance. Also take an interest in the customer journey in order to identify the most appropriate time to receive your video message.

By doing this exercise, you can identify the distribution channels and social platforms that are popular with the public.

Choose the appropriate distribution channels Understanding the Customer Journey of your personas therefore allows you to identify the best distribution channels among the many possibilities offered by the Internet:

YouTube obviously remains the platform for hosting and disseminating videos. All from Google, it will also serve your ambitions in terms of natural referencing. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram ….. and all social networks in general have the strength to spread your main channel, to produce virality and to expand the distribution range of your content at lightning speed. Finally, we mention the excellent open and click rates generated by having a video in your email campaigns. Determine the right format for the right message Also in this case there are no specific rules. It all depends on what you have to say and the means of implementation at your disposal.

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However, There Are Many Video Formats. Here Are Some Examples

the tutorial : accompanies users and seduces them with its pedagogical vocation live : Build engagement by encouraging internet users to react directly the teaser : keeps your community alert to new products or events animation motion design : disseminates information in a playful and graphic way, etc. Also observe these few recommendations:

Always focus on quality. The framing and sound recording must be flawless. And sometimes it’s better to sacrifice some of your ambitions if you don’t have the means to make them happen. Choose short formats . Internet users are increasingly in a hurry. They therefore prefer concise videos with a strong, concise message. Think mobile friendly . With the growing use of smartphones, ask yourself a number of questions. Should you favor verticality, which is more suitable for mobile phones? Is your message understandable without sound? This last question is particularly important: users are encouraged to watch their videos in situations (public transport, waiting rooms, etc.) where sound can be a barrier. Take care of the tone . To improve the customer experience, your videos will be even more powerful if you convey emotions, for example with humor. Define a production and distribution schedule As with any editorial strategy, it is essential to know what your direction is.

To do this, we recommend that you build a table that includes the following elements:

your goal the stage of the customer journey at which the video will be used the format and channel of the transmission the content the dates of the shooting the dates of publication Evaluate the results Finally, always evaluate your results to identify areas for improvement in your future campaigns. Determine the Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs ) to observe for each video. These need to be defined according to your goals, but I still cite a few examples:

the number of views, the number of shares, the number of “likes” or “likes” mentions, the open rate of your video emails and the number of clicks, the number of clicks on a call to action at the end of the video, the number of leads generated by your videos, etc. With all these tips, do you feel ready to launch your first video campaign?

Then comes a question: communication agency or not?

Communication agencies Given the size of the project involved in the production of marketing videos, you wonder if it is possible to use a specialized agency?

In Reality, It All Depends On The Skills You Have Within You

You do not have marketing experts: use a communication agency to benefit from personalized support on the marketing strategy to be adopted and on the production of content. You have an integrated marketing team in your organization and a substantial budget : you can afford the services of a video communication agency or an audiovisual production agency. This type of agency follows your brief and handles video production from A to Z. Your marketing team wants to control the entire video production chain and its production costs: you can train a person who will take care of the shooting, with a minimum of equipment. Some software is also becoming essential to save time, be more productive and achieve economies of scale. Did you choose the last option? Now let’s detail the hardware and software that will help you get started.

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Hardware and software to create your videos

The video on the Internet requires you to choose solutions in line with their own funds. Here we introduce you to the essential hardware and software to make your video marketing a success, regardless of your budget.

What equipment should I use to create videos?

To get started, you don’t need to gear up like a major Hollywood production. However, here is the minimum equipment we recommend you buy:

a latest generation smartphone or HD camera a memory card with ample storage space a tripod, with a smartphone adapter if you use one, to stabilize the image naturally a stabilizer, or gimbal, to compensate for movement in the case of dynamic shots a lapel microphone, an omnidirectional microphone, or a boom microphone artificial lighting on an indoor shooting stand, consisting of light boxes for intense lighting or umbrellas for softer light a black background, or green if you want to overlay the videos And, of course, also add the various software packages that you will use during the editing and post-production phases.

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What software should I use to create videos?

First of all, you can use some editing software offered with Windows or it is available for free on Mac OS through the Apple Store, such as iMovie.

Experienced people with ambitious projects will turn to Adobe products: Adobe Première for video editing and Adobe After Effects for special effects.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, here are some programs that should interest you.