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Responsive Website

Ideation and Creation of Responsive Websites Optimized for Mobile Devices

Thanks to the “responsive web design” technique, Web Digital Media Group  is able to manage the design and creation of websites capable of providing an optimal viewing experience on a wide range of mobile devices (desktops, cellphones, smartphones, .. ). Thanks to a young staff constantly updated and prepared in the most advanced programming techniques, we are able to create and create dynamic websites that can be updated through the CMS (Content Management System) content management system, taking care of all communication aspects and in Search mode Engine Friendly , therefore optimized for the main search engines, from a SEO perspective


Designed for any device

Mobile devices are the new reality and the architecture of your website must satisfy all types of devices and screen sizes to maintain the right positioning and display of the elements.

The Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Mobile Device-Friendly: the use of mobile devices is growing rapidly, they are rapidly becoming the most popular and used means of accessing the Internet. With responsive web design, you can be sure that customers can easily access web pages correctly, view content optimally regardless of the device they are using.

Better Usability: “responsive” websites adapt to a user’s device, thus improving their experience in a decisive way. Visitors to your website won’t be frustrated with pages that don’t load correctly on mobile.

Saving money:  building and building a single site that works perfectly on a wide range of screens. There is no need to create another website or application every time a new device appears on the market. Build and design your site only once. You will not need to repeat the process to accommodate a new device.


Realization Of A Responsive Website.

Sites optimized for all types of

Good planning in the initial phase halves the time required to complete the website.

The responsiveness of a website, along with other qualities, is a fundamental and leading feature throughout the entire website development process.

We wanted to highlight below what are the key aspects that Web Digital Media Group studies carefully during the design phase.

The Key Points To Design A Responsive Site

The Media Queries

The media queries allow the page to use different style sheets based on the characteristics of the device used

The need to adapt the layout to the different sizes and resolutions of the screens, introduced the concept of “Resolution break point”, these breakpoints allow us to establish thresholds to modify the graphic presentation according to the width of the device.

responsive website

Study Of Pagination

The strategies to reorganize the contents according to the devices have led to the classification of different types of graphic layouts:

During the analysis and design phase, Web Digital Media Group will carefully evaluate the project and decide which of the patterns will be best suited to your content including: Reflecting Equal Width, Off Canvas, Source-Order Shift, List, Grid Block

Fluid Design

To create a perfect responsive website it is essential to create a fluid layout.

To get the best result, Web Digital Media Group builds the layout on a fluid grid basis that allows you to position the elements in an orderly and intelligent way with respect to their container.

New Approaches

One approach adopted by Web Digital Media Group is Mobile First, so let’s start from the design that adapts to the smallest device on the market, going to grow, adapting the layout, up to the highest resolution.

This process, also known as “Progressive Enhancement”, allows us not to neglect any detail and minimize the possibility of error.

responsive website


Mobile often means using a 3G or 4G connection, sometimes with bandwidth limitations.

In order not to let the mobile user “escape” from the site, Web Digital Media Groupselects and makes visible on mobile devices only the essential elements to the actual functioning of the responsive site.

Real Tests

There are many software that allow you to simulate the display of the site on various devices

However, experience tells us that the most effective tests are real tests, on real devices.

Your Site Can Be Viewed On Any Device

It Means Incredibly Increasing the Potential Market And Revenue Of Your Business