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B2B and B2C Lead Generation Campaigns

Web Digital Media Group offers Lead Generation services for both B2B and B2C markets, providing contacts and end customers. Our team manages Google, Dem, and social networks using either fixed rates or a results-based pricing model, giving you the flexibility to choose what works best for your business.


Our specialized team of creative digital marketing and advertising consultants employs a range of coordinated digital communication tactics to achieve top-notch contact generation for b2b or b2c lead generation purposes. We steer clear from utilizing pre-made templates or existing lists; instead, we craft personalized campaigns across diverse web channels like Google AdWords, Facebook, Linkedin, Email, and other relevant platforms..

Our dedication to your success extends beyond the initial interaction with a user. We go above and beyond by closely monitoring and managing post-sales activities to ensure ongoing progress. Our pricing model is results-oriented, adapting according to the quality of leads we deliver. Contact us now to arrange a discussion with one of our consultants who will provide invaluable insights on expanding your business.

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The phases of our lead generation campaigns B2B & B2C

B2B and B2C Lead Generation Campaigns

Attraction Potential Leads

Our team creates various forms of content such as ads, blog articles, commercials, and e-books that cater to potential customers. We then strategically distribute this material through thorough communication plans on platforms like Social Networks and Google, as well as other advertising channels. The end goal is to direct our desired audience to a Landing Page that is specifically designed to maximize conversions.


Out of all the users, approximately 1% convert immediately upon accessing our website. However, for the remaining 99%, we will focus on optimizing our webpages to gather as much information as possible about their preferences and level of interest. This way, we can effectively categorize them into different groups based on the services they may be interested in.


Our approach involves transforming casual visitors into potential customers by presenting them with meticulously crafted content, leveraging the power of email marketing techniques, and executing re-marketing initiatives on popular social media platforms, Google search results pages, and banner networks.


Frequently Asked Questions

A B2C lead generation company specializes in helping businesses acquire potential customers for their products or services.
By providing qualified leads, a B2C lead generation company can help increase sales and grow your customer base.
They may employ tactics such as targeted advertising, email marketing, social media outreach, and content marketing to attract potential customers.
Yes, pricing models can vary and may include pay-per-lead, monthly retainer, or performance-based compensation structures.
Look for companies with proven track records, positive client testimonials, and transparent communication about their methods and results.
Yes, many companies offer specialized targeting options to reach the most relevant audience for your business.
Reputable companies will provide regular reports detailing the performance of lead generation activities and the quality of leads generated.
If you’re looking to expand your customer base and increase sales, working with a professional lead generation company can be a valuable investment.