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“Hybrid Apps: The Success You Imagined for Your Company but didn’t Think Possible”
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For some years now, not rethinking your business in a mobile version means losing the possibility of exploiting a much wider catchment area than is available with the simple desktop version.

Today, in fact, the number of users coming from mobile devices has exceeded those coming from desktops: most people prefer to browse from their smartphone!

This has led companies to review their marketing strategy and to use different channels to communicate with users , with the aim of attracting new customers and retaining them more effectively .

Among the different roads traveled, one of the most successful was the creation of applications .

Thanks to the success of these tools, many companies have already done one (or even more) for their business.

But while some companies have very high budgets and can afford to create different native applications for different operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.), how can they do the others?

Simply using a hybrid app development system .

Don’t you know what it is exactly? We’ll explain it to you.

What are the Features of a Hybrid App?

The main feature of hybrid applications is their strong adaptability to different types of platforms .

Unlike native apps, which must be programmed according to the target operating system, hybrid apps need a single programming and then they are ready to be installed and used on any operating system (the code is encapsulated, through some operations, in the specific “shells” constituted by the sources of each platform).

This way, obviously, you can save time and money. But not only this means that, if you later want to add new features or make updates, you will only need to do them once .

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The Advantages of Hybrid Applications, However, Do Not End There. They in Fact

  1. They have economic advantages that are around 50% compared to the native ones;
  2. They maintain the same interface on all the systems on which they are installed;
  3. They retain most of the functionality of an application in native code;
  4. They have a simple and intuitive maintenance of the code;
  5. They can take advantage of the use of new web technologies.

Of course, compared to the native apps they are less fluid and optimized, but they can do for you if you are looking for a product that can be quickly placed on the market and at a relatively low price .

The Tools We Use to Build Your Hybrid App

Our developers use the Ionic Pro and Xamarin frameworks to build hybrid mobile applications.

The choice of a framework compared to another depends on your needs and your reference sector , and Web Digital Media Group helps you in this.

But What are the Advantages of the Two Frameworks?

Ionic Pro

Ionic Pro is the latest version of the Ionic development software, and is a system designed to offer its users a truly extensive suite of tools. It is ideal for creating all kinds of applications and for this reason it has several advantages:

  1. It is really innovative, thanks to its system of immediate sharing of the created apps;
  2. It is quick to update content and fix any bugs;
  3. It offers the possibility to perform tests to verify the operation of the app in real time;
  4. Offers a user experience equal to the native app;
  5. It has a simple and intuitive programming language.

Xamarin offers a fast, simple and professional way to develop cross-platform applications based on a shared code called #C. One of its greatest advantages is to guarantee native performances that adapt to different operating systems. It also has many advantages, such as:

  1. The speed of loading and the interpretation of the pages: the code is in binary format and offers the possibility to execute the functions immediately.
  2. The code is written in #C and is translated directly for the different operating system codes, for example Java for Android.
  3. It is comparable to the native app for features, Hardware support and User Experience that guarantees.
  4. Offers an open source technology with Microsoft support.
Build Your Hybrid App And Grow Your Business

If you have a small company, and you do not have enough budget to build a series of native applications, don’t give up the idea of creating an app suitable for all operating systems.

Take advantage of these programming systems, build your application and start to conquer all users who surf from mobile .

For some years now, our team has been developing business applications that are able to make the most of the new technologies available, as well as to offer customers innovative solutions that are very close to their needs .

The merit lies with our developers: a young and dynamic team , able to study the best IT systems to communicate with a wide audience and make the communication lean and really effective.


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