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“Website Optimization and Indexing on Search Engines.”


Indexing consultancy on search engines provides all the essential activities to optimize and ensure that the websites are positioned, for certain keywords, in the first pages of the results of the main search engines, with particular attention to Google.

The service reaches a level of sophistication never before reached in 2016, to deal with the problems that the continuous updates of the Google algorithm (including Penguin and Panda) have given to the webmasters.

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Nowadays it is no longer possible to be well indexed on Google by including targeted keywords in website texts. It is not even enough to insert links on friends’ websites.

Web Digital Media Group Offers a Complete and Avant-garde Service, Which Meets the Standards Required for Indexing In 2023

The service is based on 4 fundamental pillars, which satisfy the four main positioning factors that Google takes into account:

  1. Creating superior quality , unique content designed to generate traffic over time
  2. Development of backlinks to the client’s website from topically relevant and highly authoritative sites
  3. Development of strong social signals on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter
  4. Improvement of user browsing metrics on the site (increase in read pages, time on the page and click rate)

Continuous and careful action on these factors, lasting a minimum of one year, guarantees the achievement of traffic volumes and keywords on the front page capable of transforming a website into an industry leader.

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Indexing Service Structure

  1. Site analysis if already existing
  2. Site optimization and first indexing of the site on search engines
  3. Analysis of keywords to be used for site optimization and promotion
  4. Monitoring of the use of the website
  5. Annual telephone consulting package

Site Analysis

The analysis aims to determine, based on the products / services offered by the site, the starting situation before any optimization and positioning activity.

Outcome of this activity are two reports showing the situation of the site viewed from the following points of view: the Link Popularity (the referencing of the site based on the number of external sites that link to it) and the list of research that generates traffic.


Website Optimization and Indexing on Search Engines

The site optimization activity involves interventions on textual and graphic contents and possibly the structure of the pages, in order to make them “search engine friendly”, that is to say best visible by search engines. more or less incisive interventions on the visible text are possible. The optimization activity can also contemplate the creation of ad hoc pages (splash pages) intended to act as an alternative “secondary entrance” to the homepage. Each splash page is optimized to optimize the indexing result for a single keyword.


Analysis of the Keywords to be Used for Site Optimization and Indexing

The correct selection of keywords for site inciting is a fundamental step to ensure not only that it is found by surfers, but above all that it is found by those who could become potential customers . It is useless to optimize web pages for keywords that no one looks for in search engines. If you search for targeted visitors, the keywords should not be too general or indicative.

The activity involves the search, through appropriate tools, of the keywords with the best potential performance and the lowest competition. The historical trends in searches by single keyword and the effects of seasonality and geographical differences are also considered.

Finally, our consultancy activity re-elaborates the list of selected words to transform it into a list of keywords actually entered by users looking for a specific product or service. .

On this point we are categorical: we do not provide indexing services on search engines if we cannot process the keywords based on actual people’s research. We know what people are looking for on engines. Webmasters do not always. It is our interest that the selected keywords are those that can bring the best results to our client’s site.

Monitoring of The Use Of The Website

Monitoring a site consists of evaluating the size and characteristics of site traffic in terms of visits, traffic sources and displayed content. The results of this type of analysis can offer numerous interesting ideas:

  • the analysis of the trend of the visits highlights the seasonal factors that can influence the marketing policies;
  • the analysis of the geographical origin of the visitors can bring out new market opportunities;
  • the analysis of the keywords of origin provides a precise indication of the intention of the users who visit the site;
  • the analysis of the trend of direct traffic makes it possible to assess the reputation and strength of the brand over time;
  • the analysis of the sites of origin can highlight blogs, forums, social networks and sector portals on which to start partnership activities; the characteristics of the visitors in terms of novelty and segment of belonging (eg: registered users vs. unregistered users) allow to recognize the degree of commercial maturity in which they are located;
  • content analysis allows us to test the users’ interest and recognize their level of interaction and involvement (engagement) with the sections or activities proposed on the site.

The activity of  positioning websites on search engines is therefore crucial for the attainment in the short term of appreciable traffic results.

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