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Designing an IT infrastructure is an important activity: it is a mixture of experience and creativity, understanding of the need of your interlocutor and intransigence in recommending it for the best solution, sometimes beyond parameters such as performance or costs. But it is not always possible to manage a company from its birth or after a short time, what was a suitable scenario for a certain reality changes radically due to the changing needs or the technological advancement.

Innovation, safety and quality of service are the guidelines that inspire our work. At standardized work, we prefer a bespoke service, cut and packaged like a tailored suit based on the real needs of our customers. We recommend simple and really usable solutions for our customers that today more than ever require optimal performance and reliability, with an eye always focused on the right combination of savings and innovation.

Our Advice

Server Management and Windows Client
  • An iOS application can offer your users a better user experience than the classic web page, since it can be used at any time and in any place.
LAN and WAN Management
  • An iOS app, if it is useful and offers interesting content, can be a valuable tool for acquiring new customers and bringing them closer to your brand, even if it is not strictly linked to the sale of the products and services you offer.
Tablet and Totem Hire
  • An iOS app is synonymous with a unique product, tailored to your needs and capable of distinguishing you from any other competitor.
Internet Connectivity Everywhere
  • Fiber optic, 4G / LTE and satellite Internet connectivity services at event locations and remote locations.
Hardware Sales
  • Sale of PCs, Servers, printers, active network equipment and hardware components.
Professional Wifi
  • Installation and configuration of professional WiFi networks.