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Accounting Software Designed For Each Type Of Business

Equipping a Web Digital Media Group accounting solution means trusting 10 years of expertise in management software. We reduce the administrative burden, while ensuring legal compliance.

Web Digital Media Group is also dedicated to supporting companies in their development and to sustain their financial health.


Grow Your Business Simply With Web Digital Media Group Cloud Accounting Software.

We have designed accounting software that fits your business. Our solutions will help you easily create reports, control your finances in real time, process your VAT and your tax returns, make international payments, be up to date on the latest financial legislation and much more.

Our cloud technology allows you to access your finances, wherever you are, whenever you want. From individual companies to large companies, our accounting management solutions simplify the management of your paperwork and your activity.

For 10 years, we have built close relationships with entrepreneurs to help them create sustainable businesses. Our expertise and support teams accompany you every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

What Is Accounting Software In The Cloud?

The best accounting software in the cloud allows you to manage your accounts securely, wherever you are. How does it work? Your data is stored in the cloud (on a remote server or computer). To access and use your data, you simply need an Internet connection.

Developing a business today is synonymous with being on the move sometimes. Between recruiting, presenting products or services to customers, appointments with suppliers, it is difficult to find time for the rest. Having real-time information about your business finances is paramount. We understand that and our accounting solutions give you a constant view of the health of your finances while allowing you to adjust your cash flow.

Accounting Software

What Is Accounting Software In The Cloud?

  1. Get an overview of your company’s accounts in real time
  2. Quick to configure and easy to use
  3. Synchronize your bank data instantly
  4. Enjoy better visibility on your finances
  5. Safeguard your financial information securely
  6. White icon of a hand browsing a tablet
  7. Work anywhere with advanced mobile apps

Is Cloud Accounting Software Secure?

  1. It’s understandable to be reluctant to send sensitive business information to the cloud, but you do not have to worry.

    You work hard to grow your business and we work hard to protect your data. In fact, our cloud accounting software is one of the safest places to store your financial information.

Accounting Software

How Can Cloud Accounting Software Help Your Business?

With cloud accounting software, you get a real-time, real-time view of your company’s finances, collaborate with your team wherever you are, and reduce your business expenses.

With our cloud technology, your data is automatically backed up, saving you from losing key information. Cloud accounting software also makes it easier for you to manage your business and bill on the go.

The Benefits Of Cloud Accounting Software

  1. We help entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses for more than 10 years. Integrated into Web Digital Media Group Business Cloud, our range of accounting software includes Accounting & Billing; programs that can help you run your business more efficiently.


  • Easily configure the software in the blink of an eye and manage your accounts immediately.
  • View, update, and manage your accounting information, wherever you are.
  • You only need an internet connection.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest laws in force, including the VAT Anti-Fraud Act and the RGPD, so you always have the latest information to draw up your balance sheets.
  • Use the latest business applications and connect with your team, or accountant, from any device.
  • Customize your reports and profit and loss accounts, follow your key indicators (KPIs) and manage your finances according to your preferences.
  • No company is like another. Each has its own ambitions, goals and markets. Web Digital Media Group knows this and designs flexible accounting software that adapts to everyone’s needs. Take advantage of free trial versions to find the accounting solution that’s right for you.
Web Digital Media Group Business Cloud BUSINESS CLOUD
  • Flexible online accounting software for start-ups and VSEs / SMEs wishing to manage their finances and control their cash flow.
  • A simple and powerful solution for an unlimited number of users
  • Accepting and receiving payments in multiple currencies (extension required)
  • Creating and sending invoices
  • Balance your accounts and control your business finances at all times
  • Best accounting software for small businesses

Web Digital Media Group Cloud Sky Software. Accounting

Reliable accounting software for established companies wishing to manage their accounts, their customers and their suppliers.

  1. Create your invoices, manage your expenses and sort your banking transactions
  2. Manage complex financial needs such as budgets, cash, invoices and inventory
  3. Create detailed financial reports
  4. Balance your accounts and control your business finances at all times
  5. International assistance to manage your finances around the world
  6. Microsoft Office 365 integration for online backup, smart reporting, and Outlook contact sharing
  7. Best accounting software for established companies

Web Digital Media Group Accounting Software.

  1. An accounting and financial management solution for SMEs that can be used independently or integrated into a complete suite.
  2. Manage your cost accounting
  3. Manage your budget accounts
  4. Create a bank reconciliation report
  5. Speed ​​up the recovery of your unpaid bills
  6. Plan your cash flow
  7. Manage financial exchanges with your customers, suppliers and banking partners
  8. Dematerialize your bills
  9. Manage expense reports