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The Key To Success.

The original and creative app development, able to give users concrete advantages, although fundamental, is not enough to guarantee their success. It is the subsequent development that proves to be decisive for emerging in an inflated sector, which is enriched with novelties every day.

By visiting the Google Play Store, or one of the other online stores dedicated to the App universe, you will have realized how the software available in every area is ever more numerous. Our Web Digital Media Group team is ready to put the experience gained in the world of apps at your service, developing and accompanying your projects from the embryonic stage to post launch assistance.

How We Develop Your App

Our team is able to develop, first of all, the native apps,written with the platform language on which they will be used (such as Objective-C or Swift for iOS and Java for Android).

We also deal with the development of so-called hybrid apps , usually written in a cross-platform language (normally Javascript + HTML5). The advantages associated with the latter are manifold, as they save time and, at the same time, ensure reduced costs.

One of the strengths of Web Digital Media Group is the consultancy developed on several phases . We always start from a careful analysis of the requirements , suggesting to our customers the most suitable app for the reference market

After several steps, which also include tests and certainly a market study, it will come when the app is published.

App Development

App Development With Web Digital Media Group: The Advantages

Developing an app has many advantages,  including that of reaching a large number of users and establishing continuous interaction between them and your brand.

Among our competences in the sector there is, for example, the promotion , essential to be able to sell (or distribute) the application itself. Our team also offers its support for the maintenance of the app , supporting it with the integration of new features, always with an eye to the promotion.

There Are 5 Phases Through Which Our Activity Develops :

      1. Identification of the idea;
      2. Analysis;
      3. Choice of format and platform;
      4. Design and development;
      5. Maintenance and upgrade.

      Other particularly important aspects are the identification of the reference target , the available budget and the customer’s expectations. Only by identifying and planning effective strategies is it possible to reach the reference market segment.

    Because an app can have a market, we believe it is essential that the same proves to be original and that it provides utility to the target audience. However, we are equally aware of the fact that it is not just the contents of an application that can decree its success. For this reason, we take graphic style and usability into great consideration .

    An app, in fact, must present clear contents, be able to be used with ease and guarantee rapid interaction and excellent functionality . For this reason, before moving on to the final release, we take care to test it on different devices, adopting the main resolutions.

    If you wish, you will be able to request interventions cadenced over time, for a strategy that will allow the app to grow, perhaps by supporting it with targeted promotional actions.

    If you want to get more information about the type of application you would like to develop click below. Otherwise, if you want to request a free consultation or a free quote contact us by filling out the form on the page.