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Removing Malware from WordPress Sites

Is your WordPress site infected with malware? Don’t panic. With tens of millions of websites running WordPress, this CMS is an easy target for hackers if not properly protected.

Trust an expert to get help and get help from the best malware removal service from WordPress sites. An effective and reliable WordPress virus removal service.

Professional Service for Removing Malware from WordPress Sites

Are you looking for malware and viruses from your website? We are experts in removing WordPress malware. Our security engineers specialize in finding and removing any malware and backdoors on your website and correcting any bugs in the code to prevent a hacker from accessing your site again in the future.

We Remove Malware and Repair Virus-infected Websites In 6 Simple Steps: Malware and Virus Scanning and Analysis

The first step in recovering your website is to analyze the code to understand the violation that took place. We will perform a manual scan of all the site’s files with viruses, including installing Word Press, themes and plug-ins and checking for malicious code.

Removal of Malicious Content

Once the infected files have been identified, we will proceed to remove the malicious code and the content from the infected files. We will repair the WordPress installation and if necessary we will also install a new copy of the CMS. All vulnerable plugins will be removed and replaced with secure ones.

Complete Removal of Backdoors

The WordPress malware and virus cleaning service will only be a waste of time and money if all the backdoors are not removed. After removing the malicious code from your WordPress website, a security expert will perform various tasks to remove all backdoors and protect your site.

Removal From Blacklists and Malicious Backlinks

Our service includes checking the status of your website’s blacklist. If you have been blacklisted by Google, we will verify ownership of the Google Search Console and send you a review request. So that your site appears correctly in search engines.

Website Optimization and Updating

In addition to cleaning the site, we will update and install the latest versions of WordPress files, themes and plugins, ensuring that all malware and damaged files have been removed. We will scan, check and clean your WordPress database from any malicious data.

Strengthening Security

The removal of viruses from the site cannot be complete without raising the protection of the site to prevent further attacks. We will run a series of activities and install software to strengthen site security and prevent future malware infections and WordPress virus attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to WordPress security service and malware removal.

 If your website is hacked, you will lose visitors, reputation, search engine rankings and, consequently, your business will lose money.

In a normal scenario, it will take up to 24 hours to clean up the malware infection and remove all the malicious code from your WordPress website. Calculate up to a total of 72 hours to fully protect your site and receive the detailed report by email.

Our goal is to clean up your infected website as quickly as possible.

The cost varies depending on the type and severity of the infection.

We perform a complete check on your WordPress site before starting to remove malware and malicious content. These checks are performed either manually or through professional security software.

To start working on your website, we need a WordPress administrator account and your hosting and ftp account details.

If you’re having trouble getting this information, you can ask us to talk to your previous developer. If for any reason we cannot access this information, we will not be able to perform the work.

If other sites on your server get infected, there is the possibility that your site may be compromised again even after a thorough cleanup has been performed. But don’t worry; we keep a 30-day warranty. If your website is hacked again during the warranty period, we’ll clean your site for free! If you want to change hosting company, take a look at our WordPress technical support and support services.