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SMS Marketing Tips

SMS Marketing Tips and Strategies for the Retail Sector

SMS Marketing for the retail sector can lead to excellent business results: here’s how to create an effective and performing strategy. In recent years, it has been amply demonstrated that having a well-organized SMS marketing strategy is essential for implementing the business of the retail sector. Social media offers many benefits such as brand awareness,

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Privacy policy for the website

Privacy Policy for the Website: How to Write It Correctly

The privacy policy represents a fundamental document for every website. Here’s how to write it effectively while respecting the legislation in force The ability to manage visitor data represents a huge opportunity for anyone who owns a web space, be it a blog, a professional site or an e-commerce. Being able to collect, store and

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Best FTP clients to access files remotely: FileZilla, WinSCP, Cyberduck and others

When we talk about FTP we talk about accessing and transferring files remotely , in the old way. You can then access an FTP server to upload, edit or download files from a remote computer using this communication protocol. FTP is still used in companies to allow employees to access the general file archive and

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5 things to know about fitness tracker and security

What exactly are the so-called activity trackers, and what are the security risks to enterprise IT?   It can be more serious than you think. Activity trackers are often targeted by hackers in that they are vulnerable and vulnerable to passwords, easy to identify business habits of internal key internal functions, and function as entry

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