Technical Tips

How to block programs and applications on Windows PC for specific users

Prevent specific users from using one or more programs on your computer by protecting application access If to protect files and folders there are many small tools and software very practical and simple, to block programs and not to use them by other people can be more complicated. This need can be confirmed if we

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Sites and search for links in the Deep Web and Dark Web, the hidden internet network

Difference between Dark Web and Deep Web, which sites can be found and why it is better to avoid A bit like space and stars, even the Internet is an almost boundless universe made up of billions of sites, not all visited and searchable with the normal computer browser. What is called Deep Web is

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Agile development and optimization criteria

Many organizations start with “ad hoc” Agile Development practices, that is to say, not standardized but aimed at each time to satisfy their needs.Then they let individual Product Owners , with or without the agreement of their teams, decide when applications are ready to be released, when to schedule release dates and how often to

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