How to plan a Content Marketing Strategy


We have already discussed previously, in the article ” Content is the King ” of the importance of the quality of content on the web.

Well done content is the nourishment of the web but how can it be done? Here are the basic rules for setting up a correct content marketing strategy and creating good “RE” content :

Analyze market and set a targeted target audience;

Give a tone of voice in line with the identity of the company

Become an expert in the field, real gurus

Monitor the results

 Analyze market and set a targeted target audience

By analyzing the market, studying the keywords, the public of interest and the behaviors they adopt, it is possible to trace a range of action within which to launch its content marketing strategy. In this first phase the main role is to observe and listen. The social networks, the forums and the communites are all places where to gather valuable information to be used to grow your company / company. Only by knowing your audience and listening to their needs is it possible to hit the target.

The main problem with advertising (especially the traditional one) is this: don’t listen. Nothing could be more wrong. A bilateral link must be created with the user.

Give a tone of voice in line with the identity of the company

Related to the first phase we have the tone of voice . Each brand creates over time its own brand image, a personality of its own, true and real. Like any human being, the brand also has a voice and speaks to its audience to create a bond. It is therefore necessary that everyone has his particular tone of voice, distinct and with well defined outlines so as to distinguish himself from his competitors.

Become an expert in the field, real gurus

Third point is to write high quality content . We must be considered real experts in the sector, through the publication of advice, suggestions, tests, guides, video tutorials, etc. etc. The user who reads the article, who watches the video, who downloads the pdf must be able to benefit , must be able to solve the problem encountered, etc.

Monitor the results

To finish off, as a cherry on the cake, we have the phase of measuring the results achieved, the objectives completed and the errors and / or problems encountered during the journey. This last phase, if carried out ad hoc, will be your starting point for your next content marketing strategy.

The four phases just analyzed are closely interconnected by an invisible thread. Planning, production, publication and measurement must be performed in order for the success of a content marketing strategy.


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