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Would a PC already assembled appear?

PC already assembled appear

Buying a ready-assembled PC costs less than building the computer yourself by buying the pieces?

Who should buy a new computer could receive diametrically opposed advice: some say it is more convenient to buy one ready (preassembled) at the mall, perhaps taking advantage of an offer, and there are those who say that assembling it personally, then buying the pieces at the computer store or on Amazon are the best choice.

So let’s see when it is worth buying it ready and when it would be better to build it yourself and take pieces to be assembled together (of course we talk about desktop PCs).

Below we have gathered all the information on the two types of computers, namely the pre-assembled PCs and PCs that are self-made or assembled personally.

We have also included scenarios where you can choose either one or the other type of PC according to your needs and capabilities, so you always make the best choice, given that for some users it is always preferable to focus on preassembled while for other users it is a useless waste of money, so it is better to choose the pieces individually and assemble it (maybe by helping someone more experienced).

1) PC already assembled

If what you are looking for is a low-end computer is better to buy it ready.

It is true that for computer enthusiasts, choosing pieces is fun and gives more satisfaction, but there is no denying that PC makers like Dell or Asus or HP are able to make lower prices.

If you do not have specific needs, ie if you just want a simple computer for web browsing, maybe with Microsoft Office and do not need a computer for video games or complex programs, you can buy a cheap desktop PC at the mall by taking the that is proposed, since the purchase of the PC already ready has several advantages .

In fact, making a comparison, even with the same pieces and costs, the price of the PC already ready is also included the assembly, a copy of the original Windows (which costs 100 euros), the mouse, the keyboard and sometimes also speakers and monitors.

In addition, the computer is ready, so you take it home, turn it on and it is immediately usable.

Buying the pieces separately, on the other hand, you also need to pay for the assembly shop and, optionally, also buy Windows (if we are not willing to try Linux for free).

Nowadays it is not even necessary to go to a shopping center to find the already assembled PCs; we can turn to e-commerce and in particular to Amazon, which offers excellent prices, fast deliveries and product warranty for 2 years with full assistance.

The best preassembled PCs that we recommend to watch on Amazon are the following:

– PC DESKTOP WITH LICENSE WINDOWS 10 INTEL QUAD CORE RAM 8GB HD 1TB (without monitor ne accessories, € 229)

– PC DESKTOP INTEL QUAD CORE CASE ALANTIK BLUE CASC02 (without monitor ne accessories, 268 €)

– PC DESKTOP COMPUTER FIXED WINDOWS 10 ORIGINAL RAM 8GB / HDD 1000GB (monitors and accessories, 319 €)

– DILC GREEN HIGH COMPACT FIXED Intel QUAD CORE up to 2.42 GHZ, RAM DDR3 8 GB, HARD DISK 1 TB , MASTERIZER, USB 3.0, 500W (with monitors and accessories, 349 €)


– Megaport PC-Gaming AMD FX-6300, GeForce GTX1050Ti, 8GB DDR3, Windows 10.1TB HDD (with monitors and accessories, 649 €).

2) PC Assembled

If you have to buy a computer for specific needs , to play or for graphics and video programs, then it’s worth building it yourself .

PC image Assembled

Basically, if you want a valuable and powerful computer, it is better to leave the PC offers ready because they always have a weak point, maybe a dated processor, insufficient RAM, a low power supply, a slow hard drive or a poor video card and point straight on the choice of individual components , so as to have the top of the technology available at the moment without fearing that the PC becomes obsolete after a few years.

If we are interested in this approach we have made a guide on how to choose the parts of the new computer to be assembled.

The main advantage of a PC built by choosing the pieces is that these components can be changed separately in the future to keep the computer up to date or can be reused in the future for other computers.

The investment is therefore not lost as it would be for a pre-assembled computer, which often uses proprietary parts that are incompatible with other configurations.

In another, some pieces are recommended to buy online at Amazon to build a level PC .


In conclusion we can not say with certainty whether it is more convenient, from the point of view of the price, a computer already ready or one to be built do-it-yourself, depends on how you want to use it.

In general it is worthwhile to get an idea, every time you have to make a purchase, see the prices of computers ready and make the sum of the prices of its components to see if they are equivalent.

There are also many other factors, in addition to the cost, which they favor for one or the other.

If you are less experienced in computer science and can not help anyone, better bet on one of the PC already assembled reported in this guide or available on Amazon; while if you are able users or you can help those who understand better choose the components and create the perfect PC for our needs.

By: Web Digital Media Group