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How to block programs and applications on Windows PC for specific users

Prevent specific users from using one or more programs on your computer by protecting application access

If to protect files and folders there are many small tools and software very practical and simple, to block programs and not to use them by other people can be more complicated.
This need can be confirmed if we have to set up the computer as a public PC or a company PC with limited permissions, where you can not start and use almost anything except a few selected programs.
So if you use a family computer to work or play and do not want a particular program to be opened and used by another person, you must create a security policy (with password or without) or use one of the indicated programs.
If a program is protected, only selected users have access to it and can start the application or executable that for all others becomes unusable.


1) AppLocker

If we want to use the tools made available on Windows without installing any additional program, you will be pleased to note that on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 can be protected individual programs using the AppLocker program .
To enable Applocker you have to set the “Application Identity” service as automatic (to access the services list, Start> Run> Services.msc ).
Applocker is located by going to Start -> Run , by writing the gpedit.msc command and, in the configuration window, going to the path:Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Application Control Policies .

From Applocker you can create new rules for users of the computer, about individual executables or programs, deciding what you can also start for each individual PC user.

It is convenient in these cases to adopt an Admin account with password to protect the changes to the control criteria and a basic account to be configured with all the necessary blocks, so who will start the normal user will not be able to start the applications configured by the administrator.

2) Ask Admin

Ask Admin is a small portable tool that blocks programs and applications or executable with a click in a simple and immediate way; we can download it for free here

Just drag the execution file on the app interface or click on Add file on the top left, specifying the path of the program we want to block.
Once you have selected the blocked programs, click on Options then click on the “Restart Explorer” button to see how the name of the prohibited application is changed.
By trying to open the blocked application, you will receive an error message and you will not be able to start it.
There is no password to put, just block and unlock from the program interface.
Excellent ability to export and import the list of programs, so you can configure multiple different locations (especially in business, this thing could become very useful).

3) InstallGuard

InstallGuard is a program that remains running in the background and protects the installation and uninstallation of software by requesting a password; we can download it for free by clicking here -> InstallGuard .

This tool is designed to prevent malicious software from being installed silently and without permission, but we can also extend its protection to prevent unauthorized programs from being installed or start new programs that we do not want to run with the standard user account.
To block the installation, we recommend reading the guide below.

4) WinGuard Pro

A solution similar to Applocker, but untied from the Windows user security policy (and therefore good even if there is only one user), it also comes from a program called WinGuard Pro , which we can download for free in limited trial from here -> WinGuard Pro .

allows you to lock a program, a folder, a disk, the task manager, explore Windows resources with a password and block the installation of new software.
The free version has some limitations but, for our purpose, it’s just fine.

5) Game Protector

Game Protector is a tool for Windows developed to prevent access to video games on a PC but that prevents the start of any program and executable; we can download it from here -> Game Protector .

With this program we can set the password and then hide the program by pointing it in the list or flipping through the PC and indicating the program to be blocked.
Besides the blockage we can also change the icon and rename it temporarily so as to make it difficult to find it.

6) Easy File Locker

Easy File Locker makes files on your computer inaccessible or invisibletherefore including the executable files of the programs; we can download it for free here -> Easy File Locker .

After installing it, you must start the program, go to the top System button and set the password.
Then pressing on the + button you can add files to protect that can be documents, images, photos or even programs and links .
For each of them you can ask the software to make the chosen content unopened, hidden, non-erasable or non-editable.
To remove the EasyFile locker program, it takes the same password set before.
The only drawback is that if you make a file inaccessible, the relative icon also disappears and becomes difficult to recognize.

We have seen all the best programs and methods to block programs and applications on Windows PCs; in another article we discussed another very interesting topic on how to protect internet browsing with a password .

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