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10 Corporate Gift Ideas with Logo

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Impress Clients with these 10 Creative Corporate Gift Ideas

Each corporate gift is an opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential clients, rewarding employees and increasing your company’s recognition.

The corporate gifts with logo can be considered gifts with double gain: corporate gifts is designed to spread the company’s logo, but for this to happen successfully it is necessary that the gadget is used, so it has to be useful and pleasant for those who receives.

When choosing corporate gifts it must always be remembered that, in addition to a method of disseminating the brand, we are also looking for something that represents it: this is why the choice must be in line with the values ​​we want to convey. Here are 10 corporate gift ideas with logos suitable for different types of companies and contexts.

  1. Power bank or USB stick

The power bank is a device that allows you to accumulate energy and then exploit it by powering any small electronic instrument, from the smartphone to the tablet, to the PC. It is a useful tool and in line with companies that wish to show themselves in step with the times. Same purpose for USB keys , customized with the company logo.

  1. Custom crystals

Within the vast world of corporate gifts, there is a sub-group equally free of constraints: custom crystals can be decorated with silk-screen prints depicting the company logo, or some symbol or phrase that well represents the brand. A particularly elegant solution, which can become an everyday object, for example a key ring pendant.

  1. Thermos

Customized with digital printing or stickers , the thermos is a corporate gift that denotes care and attention for its customers or employees. It is an object of daily use that can give visibility to the brand and actually be used over time.

  1. Paperweight

The paperweight can be realized in various ways, including in the form of custom crystals. You can choose to represent your company directly, leaving ample room for the logo, or reduce its size and create a more decorative object, which will probably be displayed with greater visibility.

  1. USB car charger

Another idea that is part of technological corporate gifts: USB car chargers allow you to charge any type of smartphone, so this type of gadget can really be suitable for any customer or potential customer.

  1. Cups and glasses


Hands up who, during the whole day, is not allowed at least a cup of tea or coffee ! Custom cups and glasses are an excellent idea of ​​corporate gifts with logo to bring the brand to the attention of customers on a daily basis.

  1. Ballpoint pens, pens and customized pencilspens and customized pencils

Personalized pens, pens and pencils may seem a trivial idea, but in reality it is easy to turn them into corporate gifts with particular and original logos: for example, choosing pencils and pens made of biodegradable materials, from the remains of which will give birth to seeds that will be transformed in seedlings.

  1. Personalized card holder


Among the corporate gifts that point to practicality we cannot fail to mention the logo card holder: also in this case, the gadget responds to the almost universal need to keep payment cards, personal documents and various types of cards well organized in a single place .

  1. Agenda

The corporate gift that remains under the customer’s eyes all year round is the one that best exploits the investment and its visibility potential. This is why personalized diaries are an excellent investment: used every day of the year, they are a constant reminder of the brand.

  1. Bags, baby carriers, personalized backpacks


Corporate gifts or information material distributed at fairs are often accompanied by a simple shopper with a company logo, but it is possible to go further and change with bags, pouches or backpacks with logo. In this way, the chances of use will increase, making your customers your best advertisers.

In conclusion, corporate gift ideas with logo are an important part of any company’s corporate identity. It’s a great way to show appreciation for hard work and dedication, as well as establish relationships with customers and vendors alike. Customized gifts can be memorable, cost-effective, and most importantly, reflect the core values of a business. With so many options available, it is important to select the right item for the occasion that is both practical and meaningful.

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