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Web Digital Media Group formulates smart digital marketing strategies that aid you reach out the target audience with the effective message at the real time via the right channel. Even if you have a budget for online marketing campaign, our professionals can suggest which service your brand needs most to keep kicking and alive. We always use advance and latest marketing strategies to provide you efficient solutions within a specific time frame.
We develop websites using the latest of methods, and the cutting-edge technology of the world. We brand your website the right way. We design tailor-made strategies for your business. In short, we strive to do everything possible by us to give you the best of returns on the investment you have made. We highlight every special feature of your business, so that you are represented in the best possible light to your audience.
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The importance of having a corporate coordinated image.Build Corporate Identity To Stand Out From Your Competitors In our times, to have a leading role in the market it is important to have a clear and defined identity. Creating a corporate coordinated image allows, through the diffusion of a coherent message, to gradually determine the recognition of the Company. My experience and competence guarantees that your Corporate Identity, built together with your contribution, will live up to the best marketing products used by large companies. For this reason the creation of such a delicate and important tool for your company must be left in the hands of a professional graphic designer. I am available to meet at my company Web Digital Media Group in New Delhi

The first step from which to start is the logo design, an element that identifies the Corporate Identity.

Company Logos And Brands. The Logo Design Is Essential To Express The Strength Of Your Company

My creativity, talent and twenty years’ experience as a Graphic Designe can contribute to the development of new marketing ideas for your business. First of all, a company must have its own distinctive trait in order to stand out from its competitors, that is, its own company logo or brand . Your logo should be creative and original and can be composed of an emblem, signs or symbols. The world of work is enormously competitive and is made up of thousands of logos but only a few of them can survive to become famous. Ultimately the design of the logo ideal must be able to create emotions, to stimulate your visual attention and above all to remain well impressed in the memory.

Another step to follow in Corporate Identity.

Company Logos And Brands

Realization Of Company Catalogs And Brochures

The brochures and catalogs are the strong point of marketing initiatives. Their purpose is not only to inform the Customer about the products or services offered, but also to underline the fact that you can offer a cheaper offer than competitors. My approach to their design revolves around these concepts and is based on a fundamental element: your contribution. My experience and expertise guarantees that the brochure and catalog that I can make for you will live up to the best marketing products used by large companies, with the advantage that you will only pay a fraction of the price they spend on their marketing paper.
Professional Powerpoint

Professional Powerpoint Presentations

My team and I are specialized in creating professional PowerPoint presentations for companies and professionals who want an engaging presentation of impact and success. My Graphic Designer service is characterized by the quality and speed of the realization of presentations for Conferences, Business Presentations and Project Presentations. At my company Web Digital Media Group in New Delhi. I am available to illustrate numerous projects of companies that have purchased this service. Key benefits of adopting a digital brochure :

Simplicity in sending by e-mail
Complete content control
Use of hyperlinks
Implementation of graphs and tables

The importance of the company logo

What is the image of a company? What is a logo for and why is it so important? What features should it have? Some advice and inspiration from our graphic designers!

The company image

Every company, large, small or very small, of any sector, which operates towards other companies or which directly addresses the end customer, has a precise working method, values, purpose, history and personality. These elements should emerge clearly from the image of the company which in many cases is the first and only tool that the customer sees before embarking on a professional relationship.

A good image can convey seriousness and trust to customers distinguish from the competition and make you sell more and better, an offline or incorrect image can instead be counterproductive, causing customer’s doubts about the professionalism of the company. But when it comes to corporate image, what do you mean?


everything related to the visual aspect of the brand such as the logo, the colors, the uniforms


advertising, public relations, information


philosophy, values ​​and internal rules

To be effective, a company’s image must meet four key requirements


In the market, today extremely competitive, to be noticed and chosen by the customer


To the needs and aspirations of one’s target

Consistent Branding


Of graphics, messages, marketing operations and events created with the corporate identity

Estimate gained

Over time, which makes the company perceive as “valuable” both by internal staff and by the public

The company logo: the characteristics

Within the image, a role of primary importance is played by the company logo which represents its identifying sign and which is present in all coordinated materials: business card, letterhead, folder, and envelope, institutional brochure, in the commercial and promotional brochures, in signs, in advertisements, on the web… The logo is a graphic image, formed by an inscription with a precise lettering, called a logo, sometimes accompanied also by an icon that graphically represents the corporate identity without the use of words. Its design requires time and competence to decide fonts, colors and shapes and to experiment with different solutions until you find the most effective one. Three fundamental characteristics that cannot be missing in a good logo design are:
logo design
  • Must make the company recognizable , representing it in an original way to distinguish it from the others and being able to transmit and tell about its values ​​and characteristics : therefore no copied logos or too similar to others or too twisted images
  • It must be adaptable to various supports: it is important that the logo is designed in different colors and in black and white in order to adapt from time to time to communication materials and that it is in high quality . The low-resolution logos, if enlarged to create posters or panels for example, shell, transmitting an untreated and unprofessional image of the company
  • It must be current: as we said, the logo reflects the soul of the company and over time it can change and evolve, therefore a revision of the logo may be necessary . We can find many examples among the big brands – thought for example of the very recent, and also much discussed, new logos of tim and enel – who decide to review their image to adapt it to new marketing strategies, to respond to the market and fashions that change.

An effective image, synthesis of the company and its values

As we have seen, therefore, the logo can be considered as the essence, the synthesis of the company, concentrated in a few signs. It must be coherent, well designed graphically, with the right colors, shape and fonts, to bring out the company among many competitors and convey the right image. And what does your logo tell about you?

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