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Youtube Marketing: Tips and Strategies

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Videos are still the users’ favorite media. Not only! Even social media like them, and not a little. Audiovisuals, in fact, needs more usage time than images and text, retaining users for longer on online platforms.

If you intend to talk about your brand or website, or the videos themselves are the content you want to launch through a careful web marketing strategy, you will have to devote part of your attention to making … YouTube Marketing

youtube marketing



Youtube: the most popular video platform on the web that belongs to the largest search engine in the world, Google! But Youtube cannot be considered just video social: it is the second most popular search engine in the world , surpassed only by Google itself.

Do you have doubts? Although most people don’t think of YouTube primarily as a search engine, this is exactly what most visitors do on this site.

What do you need to do, know, to structure a strategy on Youtube from the beginning in a performing way?

Well, you say, it’s obvious! First of all, you need to understand what people want to watch!

And you’re right. But that’s not enough.

To make yourself known to potentially interested people, it is above all essential to start from the basics of web marketing:

Not least, as we said before, is to deduce the research intentions of our target audience to try to understand how this thinks and what it would like to see.

To learn more about this we advise you to inform yourself, a good starting point can be our article about target marketing!

However, just like any SEO activity, aimed at optimizing the texts to be published on the net, you will surely have to look for the most popular keywords on Google by users.

Doing Youtube Marketing also involves a series of activities concerning online research and the strategic use of the platform.

We will talk more about this later.


You must know that to satisfy the needs of online users, your viewers must make a distinction between two rather different user behaviors.

There are users who use Youtube looking for videos in an approximate way and users who pay more attention to their searches, carefully selecting the contents and watching each video up to the last second.

Therefore, in the universe of digital platforms, different types of public behavior can be distinguished. There are both those who pay less attention to quality as well as those who have a critical audiovisual culture and use Youtube in a more strategic and meticulous way.

This target, which is passionate about video-news on sport rather than video-recipes, uses youtube as a real search engine (as we said above).

Peek, study, know different youtubers and choose which channels to follow. He is going to insert one or several video channels in his “Favorites” list, so that they are always saved and can be covered. This also suggests to the search engine what its fruition interests are.

Therefore, in order to retain a good slice of your audience on your channel, it is a must to proceed with the creation and publication taking into account:

  • How your videos are found online
  • Why users have searched for your videos;
  • What is the traffic  related to viewing videos?
  • When (dates and times) your videos are viewed
  • What / what moment of your videos excites your viewers the most

Based on your knowledge of these factors, you can improve your YouTube channel’s web traffic and use the platforms in a more appropriate way to increase the popularity of your videos!


You must take into account a fundamental metric concerning video marketing, the so-called  whatch time : the time a user takes to view a video . This value represents the main factor for positioning the video on search engines and on Youtube itself.


Both Google and Youtube attribute high rank values ​​to your videos if they record a longer viewing time for viewers, preferring it to a high number of short-lived views (which therefore consists of several dropouts after the first moments of the video ).

In order to do Youtube Marketing the best, you must therefore aim to entertain  and  retain  a viewer on your videos as much time as possible, through audiovisual content that tells an articulated story , that strikes or provides information , in line with its interests .


If you are looking for some ideas about what kind of video you would like to deal with or which one would do for you, you could take a look at our Video Marketing blog

In any case, paying attention to whatch time you can realize when, second, your videos stop having appeal. The viewing time gives us an idea of where to improve our content and whether we are addressing the right people.


To attract views on your Youtube channel you can use different web strategies, dedicating yourself to the correct use of the platform.

Youtube tips!

Here are some basic steps to consider and exploit for your Youtube channel.

Create playlist:

create different Playlists on your Youtube channel. In this way, your videos can get numerous views with potential long duration. This function represents a real “internal linking”.

By categorizing you can give Google the opportunity to understand what your media is talking about and allow it to index the various playlists on the platform among its search results.

Bases the Playlists of Youtube on certain  themes , focusing on one topic in particular that deals with the channel. These must include  effective titles  and  descriptions optimized  with the main reference keyword.

Content in the foreground :

fundamental function; this possibility of Youtube allows you to  promote  one of your videos or your playlist compared to other videos on the platform.

Use cards and final screens :

they have supplanted the old   Youtube annotations . The  tabs  are notifications that can be configured to  promote  various videos on your channel; they appear with a small box at the top right of the screen where a short preview of the video is reproduced  .

The final screens  are more suitable to  increase the viewing time on your youtube channel. They take the viewer, towards the last minutes of a video, to watch your other videos available on the platform based on chronology and interests.

Social and interactions :

Another important factor in increasing the visibility of your online videos are  sharing  on  social media. Generate reactions, comments, shares … Take advantage of the media power and interaction of social media like Facebook and Instagram. You will not regret.

Nevertheless, avoid testing these platforms unprofessionally. If you are not an expert or feel you have gaps in the matter, trust a social media manager .


As I have already said, Youtube is one of the main search engines in the world, and this is one of the reasons why it is such an attractive promotional tool for companies. Just imagine all the potential coverage , with almost two billion monthly users!

This means, quite simply, that if you take the time to optimize your videos and produce quality content on a regular basis , you can greatly increase your chances of reaching a large, targeted audience.

So how exactly can you optimize your YouTube videos?

There are several important factors that count for the ranking of search results.

Some are completely under your control (like the keywords you use and the way you use them) while on others you have no power (for example how many people sign up immediately after watching one of your videos).

Here are some of the most important factors you need to know and use at best:

  • Use keywords in the title and subtitle of the video.
  • Take advantage of all the 500 characters available in the tag box, varying with keywords , from the most to the least specific.
  • Write the subtitles of your video with the positioning in mind. Searching for a video in the search engine can appear the CC (Closed Captions) label of the video, which marks the presence of SEO optimized subtitles with the reference keywords.
  • Rename your video file with the main keyword before uploading it to Youtube.
  • Use the correct tags to make sure YouTube knows what your channel is about. They serve because Youtube can recommend your videos to users who have interests consistent with your products, themes and contents.
  • They find your video among the related ones that appear on a user’s display, and this only happens if your video includes the same keywords as a previously viewed video.
  • Use the Thumbnail: a miniature image that must be in high resolution and possibly eye-catching, minimum 1280 x 720 pixels (16: 9 format). This image must also be viewable from the mobile devices on which it appears smaller, and must  exemplify  the contents of the video as well as the title entered.
  • Implementing a video transcript is a great way to make your videos more rewarding to search robots. It is also useful for viewers: if they have to check the spelling of a word or cannot increase the volume to listen to the video, they can still access the content.
  • Increase the Backlink: to make  a Youtube channel  authoritative , it is important that your videos are also visited via  external links on websites, blogs and social networks.

Let’s finish smart

As we have already said, however, such video strategies find their meaning and success only if integrated into a complete web marketing strategy .

Do not worry! This must not be an impediment to you. If you think you have some good insights, don’t hesitate to contact us.