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What are the new features of Video Email Marketing?

Working with video email marketing has considerable added value. On the one hand, it points to the efficiency of e-mail communication, which points to the user’s private mailbox, and on the other it exploits the visuals of the clips and the image / sound combination.

It is no coincidence that video is one of the most effective channels for online communication. Reason? Certainly the spread of the mobile is to be considered. We not only use social networks and chat with smartphones, we also read newsletters. And this is where the possibility of joining video and email marketing comes into play. How? And above all, what are the innovations with respect to this theme ?

Before you start: why does the video work?

Maybe you already know, you just have to ask this question to your attention to get the answer. True, written content has good cards to play on the search engine. But is it always like this?

Is it the same on social media? And on a landing page ? The videos attract and keep the users’ attention, they are the contents that can reach virality with greater frequency and ease, they manage to sum up the equivalent of two pages of text in a minute. Maybe more.

The idea of ​​being able to improve conversions thanks to the direct and immediate contribution of this perspective is not so absurd. Also because our email accounts are increasingly congested and full of messages that nobody wants to read. Why send yet another newsletter that could become much easier to enjoy thanks to a video?

But what is video email marketing?

A method to make your e-mail messages easier to digest. The main email marketing programs allow images to be integrated so as to be perfectly integrated with the textual content . And the same goes for videos, perhaps thanks to the use of embedded YouTube. Campaign Monitor suggests that the video has an impact on email KPIs:

  • Increase the open rate (open rate) by 19%.
  • Improves the click through rate (click rate) by 65%.
  • Reduces abandonment by 26%.

These aspects can be an effective lever to move a company or a freelancer to invest in video email marketing. That is to say in that process that allows you to integrate e-mail messages with visual content marketing , storytelling done through clips. But how does all this happen? What are the dynamics to develop? Here is a guide.

Integrate video with email marketing

You have two roads to follow: horizontal and vertical. The first concerns the use you make of video technology in the e- mail message; the second one is dedicated to the content.

That is what you develop inside the funnel. For example, you can send an email to leads with a basic webinar or tutorial explaining a concept close to the target audience.

In subsequent emails, by bringing the lead closer to the final part of the funnel, you can create more complex and specific contents until you reach the sale. That should not be seen as the final phase but the beginning of a new approach for the creation of products to be sent via email.

I’m talking about video tutorials to explain certain features and explore topics exclusively for those who are already in your customer network. In short, you have a good job of content marketing to define. And not only that, you also need to understand how to integrate the video into the email.

How to add a video in a newsletter?

The simplest, immediate but also banal way: insert the graphics of a play button on an image that you then insert in the body of the email. The hyperlink must bring a video on YouTube or Vimeo, maybe on Facebook . Does all this work?

The results are limited, on the other hand you can avoid problems of non-display of the content that occur due to incompatibility between the embedded HTML and email clients. The best way to work with video email marketing is to use a professional program for sending newsletters and take advantage of the native function, such as the one present in the Mailchimp editor.

As you can see from this tutorial, the process is simple: just drag the widget into the visual composer to create an email with the same ease with which certain landing pages with Elementor are created. The process is simple and based on the possibility of inserting the URL of the video uploaded elsewhere in the form. Which automatically recalls the content and embeds it?

But following what rules? How to optimize this? In the first place the summary: you have a few moments available, do not load entire films but clips of up to 60 seconds. Also make sure the audio is muted and there are subtitles to see even at zero or low volume. Last tip: use videos when needed, to illustrate and explain. Not just to follow fashion.

Video email marketing: how do you do it?

Do you limit yourself to upload an image with the triangle symbol to bring to YouTube or Vimeo? Or do you have any advanced email marketing programs to enable deep integration between email marketing and video? Answer this question, if you like, in the comments. Remember though that this can be a very important card to play in terms of conversion.

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