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Use A Profile Or A Fan Page For Your Facebook Marketing Strategy


Facebook Marketing Strategy: The Facebook Profile is designed for people, while the Page represents a company, a brand, a product or even great celebrities such as actors, athletes, musical artists, among others. Which means that you should not use a Personal Profile for commercial use.

The main difference between a Personal Profile and a Fan Page is that the profiles have more oriented their work to protect privacy and privacy, while Fan Pages are still developed to make it easier for companies to strengthen their business, making use of tools and applications tailored for each particular sector, reinforcing the Marketing strategy in Facebook.

One of the most benefited sectors with the use of Facebook is the music industry, where through the Fan Pages artists and bands can approach their audience, know their opinions first hand and create trusting relationships with their followers As an example of the above we see the following image of the page of fans of the singer Cartagenero Jakobo Fonseca.

Here are some of the advantages of using a Fan Page on Facebook:

  1. A Fan Page is visible to everyone. It is not necessary to be a Facebook user.
  2. Unlike a Personal Profile that has a maximum of 5,000 friends, a Fan Page can have an unlimited number of Fans.
  3. To join a Fan Page you only need to click on the “Like” button, while a Personal Profile does not allow you to join a friend without confirmation of a friend request.
  4. The Fan Page offers statistics on the growth of Fans, scope of publications, user interaction, among others, which allows the company to take measures to improve its Facebook Marketing strategy.
  5. The images, videos or articles that are published in the Fan Pages have better positioning in the search engines. What offers the company a greater opportunity to be found by its potential customers.
  6. In a Fan Page it is possible to create advertisements, which guarantees a greater scope of the publications and as a result of the Page.
  7. Fan Pages allow you to design Landing Page (welcome pages) inviting them to follow you, promoting an event, product or service.

For all the aforementioned, there is no doubt that using a Fan Page gives companies and brands a large number of significant advantages for their Facebook Marketing strategy that they will not find in a Personal Profile. Additionally, the legal conditions of Facebook prohibit the use of Profiles to represent companies or brands. In fact, Facebook reserves the right to eliminate those Profiles if it considers it necessary.