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The need and method of introducing SSL VPN


Anywhere, Anytime, Any-Device – “SSL VPN”

Recently, there is an increasing number of companies that are able to access internal systems from outside the office, regardless of the time, place and device type. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the essential technology for providing such a business environment.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) means virtual private network. VPN is the key to building a virtual private security network using technologies such as authentication, encryption and tunneling while enterprises and unspecified individuals use the network jointly. In other words, it is a technology that enables everyone to communicate as if they are connected to a company’s private line through the Internet.

The main advantages of VPNs are reasonable cost, security and scalability. As the number of users and internal systems grows, most companies want to expand the bandwidth of the leased line they are using, but they are not able to expand easily due to expensive leased line costs. However, simply using an Internet line with a high bandwidth makes security less secure. For this reason, more and more companies are considering VPN use with security and scalability.

Web-based applications improve SSL-VPN security

SSL-VPN is drawing attention as the number of companies adopting web-based applications increases. IPSec-VPN is mainly introduced in the head office and branch office network configuration, and SSL-VPN is being introduced for mobile users to use in-house business at remote sites, such as outbound, outbound, and dispatch.

The biggest difference is that IPSec-VPN requires a dedicated client, but SSL-VPN does not require a separate client. SSL-VPN can make more secure VPN configuration by utilizing SSL function available in web browser. For this reason, it is difficult to use IPSec-VPN unless it is a company’s business notebook. In the case of SSL-VPN, PCs equipped with web browsers can be freely used in mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

SSL-VPN is a very convenient solution to solve the problems of the existing VPN method, but it is costly to implement. However, these costs can be addressed through the Citrix NetScaler ADC. An important issue in terms of cost of “Citrix NetScaler” that solves the problem of adopting SSL-VPN is user license cost. The Citrix NetScaler ADC will offer unlimited concurrent user licenses for Platinum licenses beginning with version 11.1, as follows:

The SSL-VPN can be used at a reasonable cost through the NetScaler ADC. With Citrix’s solution, you can work freely and securely anytime, anywhere, on any device.