Marketing plan for a construction company: 3 steps to success

Marketing plan for a construction company: 3 steps to success

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How to create a digital marketing plan for a construction company that works? Beyond the specific objectives, we have identified 3 essential tools to find new customers and to effectively attend the web.

The main characteristic of the marketing plan for a construction company is the peculiarity of the client : public or private and in any case not a regular consumer. That said, the aim remains to increase visibility, to increase trust in the brand and to attract new customers . Among the many possible strategies, three are required.

How to find clients for a construction company with Google

Learning to exploit the potential of Google, not only as the main search engine, but also with its platforms dedicated to business, is essential in any marketing plan for construction companies. Being able to get a good position in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) – on certain identifying keywords of the sector and geographical area – means planning an economic investment in SEO and Adwords campaigns . Having an optimized company website, even for mobile , is undoubtedly the first step to be found online and to attract potential customers.

Just as indispensable, for the various commercial and service categories, is the creation of a Google My Business card . For companies in the construction industry, this type of promotional tool counts more than all other local directories and more than the best social media marketing, or email marketing strategy. A complete and optimized profile will make your company stand out higher in local searches and allow the potential customer to easily identify and use the various means of contact: telephone, geolocation, website etc.

Promote the construction company with reviews and link building

The link building is the digital equivalent of the goods exchange and promotion of trade. And it is a concept that must not remain the exclusive prerogative of digital marketing experts, because it is a tool with great potential for the visibility of the website, but also to create new opportunities for collaboration between non-competing companies in the sector.

Before closing the agreement and proceeding, however, it should be noted that not all links are the same: to achieve the desired purposes, a backlinkit must come from authoritative and relevant domains in its niche, i.e. from a relevant site with quality content. Once you have identified the site that talks about building materials, or home renovation, or even construction legislation etc., which meets the required requirements, you can proceed knowing that this will benefit the online visibility of your construction company.

Reviews in the purchase of products and in the choice of service providers have an increasing weight. Now everything, from the choice of the hotel for the holidays to that of the latest model of mobile phone, passes from the reading of online reviews. And construction companies are no exception. Potential customers give greater specific weight to words like “seriousness” and “reliability”when they are looking for who to entrust with the construction or renovation of a property they own. That’s why asking your satisfied customers for a review on the website, or Facebook page, is a factor to use to convince everyone else that your company deserves their trust. The management of reviews, mind you, is an equally important element: responding to all comments, whether positive or negative, is an indication of professionalism and gives you the opportunity to show competence even in any critical situations.

Social for construction companies: yes or no?

Yes to the use of social media for construction companies – which means in particular a company page on Facebook and a professional profile on Instagram, but also on LinkedIn – only on condition that the various platforms are used in all their specific potential . Diversified editorial plans, quality content (eg photos, videos, texts, etc.) and advertising investments on social media must be planned, created and monitored in a constant and professional manner . And it is for this reason that many companies in the sector rely on professionals and agencies to manage their accounts.