Lead Generation without using an email marketing service

Lead Generation without using an email marketing service

To do lead generation on your site, from a technical point of view, you usually start with creating a form to link it to an email marketing service.

In this way, when visitors land on a page of the site or on a landing page designed to facilitate the collection of contacts, the data collected by the module are directly sent to the email marketing platform ( MailChimp , ActiveCampaign , ConvertKit …)

Ok, but if for any reason:

  • you don’t use an email marketing service yet;
  • or you don’t want to use it;
  • or send emails through a tool that does not easily integrate with your site.

There is good news for you . Recently in fact OptinMonster , one of the best solutions to create modules that facilitate the acquisition of new contacts, has made available a function that allows you to save the contacts acquired directly within their platform. The lists of contacts thus acquired can then be easily exported in various formats: Excel (XLS or XLSX) and CSV.

Monsin Leads by OptinMonster

This new feature, called Monster Leads , allows you to create various types of contact acquisition forms: from classic popups to full-screen welcome mats, from hello bars that appear at the top or bottom of a page to the modules you can enter in the inside of article pages.

The various types of modules you can create with OptinMonster

Thanks to Monster Leads, when you create a new form with OptinMonster, you can decide to keep the data collected directly within OptinMonster, without having to link the module to an external email marketing service. This allows you to use all the power and incredible versatility of OptinMonster in any situation.

Moreover, with Monster Leads, you can also choose to receive an email notification whenever a new contact successfully completes the form, or to receive a daily or weekly summary that informs you of new enrollments. You can also tag the acquired contacts, so as to distinguish them easily from those collected through other modules.

To make the solution more respectful of user privacy, Monster Leads provides the ability to decide whether or not to keep the IP address of the people filling out the form.

Although I personally use OptinMonster with ActiveCampaign , I find that Monster Leads is a really convenient and useful novelty in many situations. By the way, even if you already use an email marketing service, you can use Monster Leads as a backup solution.

I also recommend reading the comparison between OptinMonster and Thrive Leads , two excellent solutions for making lead generation on your WordPress site.