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Importance of a good Server for your E-commerce Website

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Choosing the right server is crucial for managing a successful eCommerce. In fact, having an ineffective host service will seriously damage the turnover growth of your business. If your site is slow, unsafe and often offline, you will not only lose a large number of potential customers but you will also be penalized by Google for indexing Web pages. Find out why it is important to choose a good server for your eCommerce site!

What are the types of hosting?

There are mainly three types of hosting , the free ones that offer a very basic service and are not able to support a high flow of traffic and are therefore not suitable for those who have an e-commerce. To guarantee effectiveness, it is mandatory to rely on paid or infrastructural hosting services. The former are the most used and you can find a wide range on the market, they vary depending on whether your site is static or dynamic and storage is very important, or how much space is made available. Infrastructure hosting servers, on the other hand, are those that provide the user with host network services, that is, the customer can acquire software and applications and manage them independently.

Because it is important and what features an eCommerce hosting should have

First of all, a good server host must be able to manage the traffic on your site even at peak times and therefore work continuously. If, for example, for reasons related to the storage capacity of your hosting your site will be unreachable, even for a short period of time, you will lose many potential customers who probably will not come back to check if the site is online again at a later time. If it is true that having a good hosting is necessary for anyone with a website, it is even more important for those who have an eCommerce site. Another important factor to consider is the security level of the hosting, an eCommerce site comes into possession of a lot of data, even sensitive,

To guarantee you will have to rely on known and important servers, which in short have the economic and technical ability to manage security within the data center, and which can provide the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, the encrypted transmission of information.

This protocol, in addition to establishing a relationship of trust with customers, will also give you the opportunity to go up in Google’s indexing. As Google itself has declared, sites with SSL certificates will have priority over those that do not. Another feature of a good hosting that will allow you to climb the search pages is speed, the sites that load faster are shown to users first and customers will not lose much time on a slow site. Choosing the most suitable hosting for you also means considering its compatibility with the sales software of your site.

How important is the cost of hosting?

Even if your eCommerce business is at the beginning and you are trying to cut start-up costs as much as possible, cutting back on the hosting service may not be a good idea and, indeed, could prove to be very harmful for business. As we have seen, in fact, a slow, unsafe or often inaccessible site will discourage the customer from returning to you. The cost of a hosting can vary from 50 euros a year to 1000 euros or more for a personalized service, the evaluation of course is up to you considering the traffic flow, sales and other factors but a very cheap hosting will probably not be able to guarantee the optimization of your e-commerce and the speed and security requirements essential for the success of your business.

Which are the most valid hosting services for eCommerce?

If you are in the process of building your site or have noticed that the hosting you are using is not right for you, here is a brief list of the best e-commerce hosting providers:

VHosting Solution , offers economic and customized solutions and also provides a free domain. It is compatible with Magento and Prestashop, two of the most widely used opensource platforms for creating e-commerce sites.

SiteGround , a famous company that works globally, optimized for wordpress, Magento, WooCommerce and other platforms. They also offer a domain of their choice and a customer service that responds 24 hours a day.

Pegaso hosting , suitable for those who use Sotware Linux, optimized for the main e-commerce platforms and guarantee compatibility with scripts. Depending on the plan chosen, the available web space will vary, up to 10 GB and the possibility of creating data bases, from 10 to infinity.

Of course, there are many hosting companies and you decide which to entrust your business, the important thing is that it reflects the fundamental requirements mentioned above.