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How to use Facebook video ads to reach your customers

Facebook video ads

Are You Looking To Reach Customers In Your Area Or Bring Traffic To Your Site? Try Facebook Video Ads

The mistake that most companies make is to promote their business with Facebook video ads that offer discounts on products, without considering that to get results it is essential to “deliver” the right message to the right person at the right time. Only by reaching this goal can you start a successful advertising campaign and see the results. Why doesn’t the first approach mentioned work? To understand this, we need to think about consumer behavior. Imagine an ad on YouTube or on TV: how do we feel when we view an ad that tries to sell us something? Probably disturbed or annoyed. In other words, we don’t like it when companies try to sell us a product that we don’t know and we don’t know much about.

So, as a Facebook advertiser, how can you advertise people in your area without being intrusive? Here are some tips for using Facebook video ads.

Why choose video ads?

  1. Highlight your product, service or brand in different places
  2. Attract attention immediately. It is advisable to create videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds to attract public attention and tell the story of the company or brand.
  3. Send a clear, simple, informative message that pushes people to perform an action after seeing your listing (buying a specific product or accessing a website) For example you can attract people to your website to inform them of a new product launch, for example by including testimonials from people using the product.

How to create Facebook video ads

You can create your video ads from the Ads Manager or choose to highlight a post containing a video from your Facebook page. Video ads are displayed on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

Post Micro-Video content to Facebook to answer frequently asked questions from your users

The first step is to provide content that has the primary objective of engaging the public. Think about the contents of your Facebook feed, probably stopping to watch videos on topics you are interested in, looking for information and at the same time entertainment.

Step 1: creating content

The first phase of any successful Facebook campaign has everything to do with content creation

  1. Offer valuable ads
  2. Make their Facebook experience better
  3. Send a message to those who want to see it

To build a simple content strategy, ask yourself these three questions:

What are the questions your customers ask you most? What problems are they currently facing? What phrases could they search for on Google?

List possible answers to questions such as:

How much does the product cost? What are the advantages of the service? Who needs this product? What are the potential negative aspects without using the product? What are the positive effects? How can I contact the company? Who can provide assistance?

Step 2

As we said, the questions will serve to form the basis of your content strategy. Once this information is collected, create a 1-2 minute video to provide the information people ask for and you can use the questions as video titles. Don’t worry about perfection: videos don’t have to be super-professional, you can make them simply using your Smartphone. The next step will be to create short video content and share it on Facebook . These short videos may not go viral but you will certainly help your users solve specific problems. In other words, these are the types of content that will help you generate leads and sales for your business.

Promote content with Facebook video ads

Once you have started creating and sharing your videos on Facebook, you need to make sure that the right people see them. After all, what is the sense of creating content if nobody sees it? At this stage you will therefore have to promote your videos on Facebook.

Step 3

Facebook will encourage you to promote every post you make with some notifications: “Your post is not performing well, boost it and reach more people” or: “Your post is working well, reach more people!”  The advice is to focus on promoting the best posts, that is, those that have a good organic performance. If the post works well organically, promoting it will be like adding fuel to the fire.

How to decide which posts gave the best results? From Facebook Insights you can monitor the number of likes, comments and shares. The metric to watch out for is the average video viewing time. To access this data for your videos, go to your Facebook page and click on More and then select Publishing Tools .

Step 4

Once your page’s publishing tools are open, click Video Library on the left side of the page. You will then see all the videos you have posted on your page.

Step 5

Click on one of the videos to see the average viewing time . After clicking on a video, a pop-up window will appear showing the analyzes for that video, including the average viewing time.  The average viewing time of a video on Facebook is 6 seconds, so if your videos are displayed for 7-15 seconds, you can consider them really performing. And if the viewing time is more than 15, you can consider the result excellent and certainly promote those contents.

Step 6

Once you have established which videos are best performing for your company, you can create your audience (by selecting demographics, behaviors, interests) and thus start promoting content.

Step 7


When you start creating and promoting your videos on Facebook, you will start to gain hundreds and perhaps thousands of views and, more importantly, if you have chosen your audience well, they will all be relevant and targeted views. Certainly these first results achieved are useful for achieving your first goal, that is to capture the attention of your audience and increase the brand awareness of your brand . But that’s not all: users who have shown interest in videos can become your customers. Like? In the next step you can offer them free digital marketing services, such as a guide or participation in your webinar.

At this point you will need to set up a Facebook retargeting campaign, then create a personalized audience of those who have watched the videos.

Step 8

To create your new audience, click Create audience and select Custom audience from the drop-down menu. Among the different options to choose from you will have to choose those who viewed your videos on Facebook (select the Video option).

Choose the length of time the video is viewed . Options range from at least 3 seconds up to 95% of your video. Generally it is advisable to choose those who have viewed at least 25% of your videos, as it is already a signal of interest for your content. Then, click Choose Video to select the content that the audience interacted with. Then type a descriptive name for your audience and proceed with Create audience in the lower right corner of the window and voila: you have created your own custom audience for the views of your videos.

Step 9

Now, when you set up your advertising campaign on Facebook and choose who to show the ad to, simply select the personalized audience you just created.

Useful information: format and objectives that support video insertions

There are several goals that support single video advertising formats. You can use one of the following goals for a single video ad:

Brand awareness (recommended)

  1. coverage
  2. App installs
  3. Traffic
  4. Interaction
  5. Generating contacts
  6. Messages
  7. Viewing the video (recommended)
  8. Conversions
  9. Traffic in the store

You will also need to take into account the following aspect ratio of the videos. When creating adverts for mobile, the images and videos should cover the screen as much as possible in order to be more perfect, so you will have to choose the proportions that best fit different positions. Below are some proportions recommended by Facebook for the different placements

  1. Facebook News section and Instagram feed: recommended format 4: 5 or 1: 1.
  2. Stories of Facebook and Instagram: recommended format 9:16 or 4: 5.
  3. Carousel video: recommended format 1: 1
  4. Facebook and Audience Network in-stream video: 16: 9 recommended format


Now that you know how to give your videos the right value, you can use them in the best way for your Facebook advertising campaigns. Giving value to content, before simply promoting a product, means delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. You just have to create content relevant to your audience on Facebook to start producing more leads and sales.

What types of videos are you planning to create for your Facebook video ads? Write it in the comments!