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Marketing Tool

The use of social platforms as a marketing tool by companies is increasing, but why do they choose Facebook in most cases to venture into the use of these platforms? According to statistical data published by Facebook in January of this year,  the total number of monthly active users is 1,310 million, and each day increases more ( see statistics ).

There is no doubt that the large number of active users on Facebook offers great possibilities for companies and brands. Such is the success of this social network that the user does not need to leave the platform to develop their social life, since in this it is possible to communicate, play, buy, etc.

Facebook allows companies to use their platform as a channel to establish bidirectional communication with their current and potential customers, thus obtaining valuable information for their business, such as the client’s needs, preferences, criticisms, etc.

This, added to the drastic change that has had the way to communicate, where it is necessary to use mobile phones, laptops and tablets with permanent Internet connection, make Facebook a marketing tool that allows us to improve visibility and productivity of our company or brand.

Some of the aspects to take into account to develop a marketing plan on Facebook are:

  1. Having a strategy . It is the strategies and not the platforms that provide success to companies or brands.
  1. Integrate Facebook to the marketing plan of the company . To get the most benefit from the strategies that are implemented in Facebook, it is essential that they are aligned with the rest of the company’s online and offline marketing strategies.
  1. Content is king . A content adapted, segmented and quality is the most important when developing a marketing plan on Facebook.
  1. Create and manage the community . This is possibly the most complex process that a Community Manager must face. Building a community is the best opportunity to approach and know the user, to listen to their needs and communicate their values ​​for a company or brand.
  1. Create trust relationships . Facebook is the ideal place to create new relationships and build loyalty to existing ones.
  1. Convert fans into evangelizers . The important thing is not the quantity but the quality of the fan, that this recommends and converts virally the content that is generated in the Facebook account of our company or brand.
  1. Create promotions . The fact of receiving something in return is one of the main reasons why users interact with companies and brands on social platforms.
  1. Monitor, measure and analyze the results . Through monitoring and analytics it is possible to know if the strategic development of the marketing plan on Facebook is being successful or if modifications are necessary.

If you are an entrepreneur, you work in marketing, advertising, sales or in other similar positions, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool to which you can take great advantage. It is not a new way of doing business, but a platform to facilitate it, it is a channel of communication between the company and its customers.

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