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You can create a real site, a blog with updates from Facebook or Twitter or a personal page to publish on the internet

Create new site Before creating a website, it was an activity for professionals in the sector, who created presentation sites for companies and shops, paying for the work to be paid handsomely.

After that the blogs were born and everyone was able to open one, so as to have a personal site where to pour all that we like.

Nowadays it still makes sense to have a personal website where you can write what you want freely, to create your own website or blog and establish your indelible presence on the internet without being restricted in the social network on duty.

In this way we will have the possibility to have something personal and unique on the Web, to tell our thoughts, publish images and photos and advertise our professional or commercial activity.

Whatever the reason for wanting your own site, what is important to know is that to create one you absolutely don’t need to know programming codes or learn complex software; you can create a beautiful site even graphically, starting from scratch and in a few minutes, using a completely automatic system.

In this post we see some of the simplest ways to create a personal website for free .

How to create free websites

1) Blogger

The easiest and most immediate way to get your own personal site for free is to manage a blog on the Blogger site .

Just be in possession of a Google account (even the one created with the Smartphone or to receive emails on Gmail), choose the name, domain and graphic style and immediately start filling content with your blog.

With experience we will be able to add new graphic elements, new embellishments and even monetize our site using third-party banners or integrate Google Adsense; the latter is the most suitable because it is well integrated, since everything is managed by Google it becomes easier to monetize and earn with your own blog.

2) WordPress

If you are a little more experienced you can open a site or blog on WordPress.com .

The platform is one of the best to be able to write on blogs and on sites (even in other services, since it can be integrated anywhere) and also allows you to manage a real site, choosing a domain and choosing graphics, layout and title , so as to start immediately.

Another feature of this platform is the presence of numerous plugins, which can be integrated on the site chosen to make it even more functional and to make it even more complete, without having to go crazy with codes and programming.

For monetization you can integrate any type of banner, even Google Adsense, so you can also earn something from your works published on Word Press.

NOTE: WordPress.com is not to be confused with WordPress.org, the open source CMS to be installed on a web server to create a site or blog on your own domain and on your own hosting.

3) Striking.ly

With Striking.ly it is possible to create multiple pages and several pre-configured graphic models are made available, where it is only necessary to modify the text.

The site is created immediately with free registration.

The web page is all dynamic, with several links that refer to the different sections without ever reloading.

Templates allow you to create a portfolio of images, a personal page with a resume (Resume), a company landing page or a store.

4) Swite

Everyone now writes on Facebook or on Twitter or they publish videos on Youtube or photos on Instagram.

A beautiful and original idea to create a new personal website is to take all the public posts posted on these social networks and put them all together in a new blog on Swite .

The mechanism will ensure that every new post written on Facebook and every new photo published will also be put into this blog.

What is being created is not a copy but a kind of personal web-magazine that includes all its activities on social media .

Applications like these are new but they already work in an excellent, simple and automatic way.

Swite therefore allows you to automatically organize all posts published on social media in your own personalized website and works really well.

5) Sidengo

If you want to create a website with multiple pages , a great and simple way is offered by the free Sidengo platform .

In this case you can create a real site, where you can present products, events, commercial services, photos, videos or whatever you want.

Getting started with Sidengo is super easy, just register a free account, choose the address and the name of the site.

You can immediately start designing your own web page with an editor divided into sections and tabs.

Sidengo is an excellent solution for those who want and need a site that is presentable even for commercial purposes, but cannot or does not want to make too much effort to do so.

6) Wix.com

Wix.com is one of the easiest ways to create animated HTML5 sites for free, without having to learn to write programming code.

You don’t even need to have great design skills with Wix because there are different models to choose from, beautiful, that can be taken up and modified with your own content.

Moreover it is all in Italian so easy to understand and use.

On Wix I wrote a review some time ago describing this online service as the best for creating free animated HTML5 websites .

7) Weebly

There are many other platforms, simple to make personal sites and, at the same time, powerful for professional and commercial use.

Among the best, the excellent Weebly deserves a special mention, to which I have dedicated a guide article on purpose.

8) Google Sites

To create a personal or even professional site you can also use Google Sites, a somewhat more elaborate way but still simple and fast.

For full details, see the guide for creating a website with Google Sites .

9) SAUL is a creator of sites of different types, which allows you to design the template using a simple interface and then export the HTML code to your website which can be on Word press or any other CMS.