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Design A Content Strategy Specific To Your Industry

Design A Content Strategy

Content Strategy: In order for your website to become a powerful tool to reach and increase your customer base, its content must be designed to present your products and services, while being optimized for search engines.

Content marketing (inbound marketing) is crucial to the performance of your business. To be visible on the Internet, you must manage the content of your website, blog and social network pages according to the specificity of your niche. Here is more information on the subject.

Your web marketing strategy

Structure your content

A poorly structured website whose content offers no real information relevant to the consumer will offer you no benefit and a minimal return on investment, or almost zero. Your website is an extension of your business, your customer service. It must be impeccable and offer all the information that could benefit the consumer.

In-depth detail each of your services and products. Do not just make a purely informational description, but say how they can transform or make your customers’ everyday lives easier. In addition, in order for your content to be taken into account by Google, each page of your website should contain about 350 words, one to two keywords and a relevant lexical field.

Know your target audience

But to offer the right content to your target audience, you still need to know who you are talking to. Try to assess the age, educational level, purchasing power, interests and expectations of your clients. Who makes purchasing decisions in their homes and where are they located?

Analyze, through Google AdWords and Keywords Finder, the keywords used in searches according to your sector of activity. Select the terms with a good monthly search rate, but the degree of competitiveness is not too high.

For example, if the keyword landscaping is searched 1,300 times a month, but the competitiveness rate is 40%, this term will not allow you to show up in the first results. On the other hand, if the keyword landscaping an outdoor yard is searched 20 times a month with a competition rate of 10% then this term will generate much more results.

By knowing the terms your target audience uses, you can adapt your textual content accordingly (use these terms as keywords in your website, blog posts, etc.) and organize your categories of services in order of popularity, or by themes. If, for example, you are a roofer and a shingle model is extremely popular, creating a specific page for it on your site (or a blog text that speaks to it) would bring you more visibility.

Be competitive

In your industry, is there a service or product that sets you apart from the competition? Yes? So, bet on this one to attract a large part of your clientele! The important thing is to demonstrate what makes your business a safe bet for your target audience.

You offer excellent after-sales service, all your work is guaranteed, you have the latest technology in your field, you are known for your creativity? Feel free to talk about it on your website and provide supporting evidence either by sharing photos of your achievements or by testimonials from satisfied customers.

In addition, make your website vibrant and engaging by frequently adding news (events related to your industry), blog posts, and new inbound and outbound links. This adds to the performance of your SEO and your potential attraction and retention of your target customers.

Manage your brand

Using a Google My Business listing is a great way to increase your web listing, but it’s also a great way to gather feedback from your customers about the products and services you offer.

In fact, accessible from the Google search engine, this card allows your customers to give their opinion with ease on the quality of services or products they received from your company. If they do not want to leave a comment, but still evaluate your company, they can simply give you a rating of 5 stars.

Similar to Google My Business, the platform G5Stars also allows the collection of opinions. However, the process is not the same. G5stars requires a bank of email addresses of your customers to be able to send them a form urging them to leave their opinion on your website or on your social media.

Ensuring transparency is one of the best ways to gain credibility with your customers. By letting people make comments, this allows future customers to get a general idea of ​​your services based on the past experience of your previous customers.

Create relevant blog posts


Having a blog on your website (or writing articles on a popular blog) is essential to increasing your visitors . By creating articles with a key keyword related to your products and services, you will attract potential customers who are looking for relevant information about the services or products they need. You will convince them to contact you by offering quality information articles.

Your articles should explain some specific things related to your area of ​​activity, which web users will not learn in other blog posts.

If you have a dental office or a construction company, you can write feature articles on a variety of topics that directly appeal to your target audience. Your customers often have to ask you specific questions about certain services or products. They have apprehensions or questions about certain things, which you can debunk in your blog posts.

Do you offer the installation of heated floors or do you move long distance? Explain in detail your procedure or some important or interesting things to know. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are excellent for adding keywords and powerful lexical fields for SEO. Add links to view your prices, get a free quote or make an appointment.

Each company’s strategy

Your business is unique. And even if it evolves in a particular sector of activity (construction, aesthetics, law, landscaping, etc.), there are always some elements that distinguish it. Build on your strengths and give more to your potential customers. If they see your efforts through the quality and density of the content of your website, blog and social networking pages, they will focus on you in the short, medium and long term.