Amazon Drive and Prime Photos, online space for personal files

Amazon Drive and Prime Photos, online space for personal files

Amazon Drive and Prime Photos

How to register a free 5GB online space with Amazon Cloud Drive and use Prime Photos without limits
If the space on the phone is always low or we are looking for a cloud space to save important documents to be synchronized on multiple devices, we can also take advantage of Amazon Drive and Amazon Prime Photos .

All data is stored securely online, without the possibility that others can get by or download them.

We can therefore consider it as a real “hard disk online” where it is sufficient to connect to the internet and enter the password of the Amazon account to start uploading any type of document.

Each file will be visible and downloadable from any other computer, tablet or mobile phone , using a web browser or the app owner.
Let’s find out together how to use Amazon Drive and Prime Photos .

1) Install Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is the cloud service offered by Amazon to save on a dedicated space any type of personal file (documents, music, videos, images, etc.) or any folder on your PC to be able to access it from another location or from our mobile device.

If you want to use it on your PC, just visit the download page and download the version of Amazon Drive for Windows or Mac from here -> Amazon Drive PC .

If instead we are willing to use the service on Android and iOS, we can download the dedicated apps available here -> Amazon Drive (Android) eAmazon Drive (iOS).

As a simple and immediate alternative (even on devices where the app is not available) we can always use the Amazon Drive web page, which will allow you to access all the saved files and upload / download the necessary browser.
The web page is accessible from here -> Amazon Drive Web .

2) Install Amazon Prime Photos

The Amazon Prime Photos service is parallel to that offered for the cloud and allows, once installed the app on mobile devices, to automatically backup the new photos taken on a dedicated space , so you can review them on other mobile devices or from the PC at any time.
Thanks to Amazon Prime Photos our photos will always be safe on the cloud and so we can also free space on the phone, deleting photos already synchronized with the app.

To take advantage of Amazon Prime Photos we will have to download the free apps for Android and iPhone / iPad available from here -> Amazon Prime Photos (Android) and Amazon Prime Photos (iOS).

These apps are the starting point to make the most of the service on mobile phones and tablets, but we can access synced photos even on Windows and Mac by installing the sync client downloadable from here -> Amazon Prime Photos PC .
If instead we want to access the photos saved by any web browser, just open the Web page dedicated to Amazon Prime Photos Web.

3) Space offered by the Amazon cloud

Let’s start from the most interesting advantage for those who decide to bet on this cloud service to save the photos from the smartphone automatically: for all users registered at Amazon Prime the storage space for photos is unlimited , so you can save your photos without limits even at the highest quality.

This is a great advantage that we get practically without having to pay additional money, since at the cost of the subscription of Amazon Prime (currently € 36 per year or € 4.99 per month) includes many other benefits related to shipments (delivery in a day or an hour in the defined areas), streaming advantages and exclusive discounts.

If we are Prime users, it is better to use the Amazon Prime Photos service to save photos in automatic backup so you can live without worries.

If instead we are interested in the pure cloud space for all the other file types or we want to make automatic backup of the photos without the Prime subscription, the Base cloud space limit is 5 GB .

If you want to have more cloud storage space you can pay a subscription plan from 100 GB to 20 euros a year or even 1 TB from 100 euros a year and so on, until you get to a 30TB floor of 3000 Euro a year designed primarily for companies.

To access the cloud space management page and to evaluate the subscription plans we can use the dedicated page available here -> Manage Amazon Drive storage space .

The most interesting offers for the home user are obviously the first 2 ( 100 GB and 1 TB), where at a relatively low cost we can get a lot of space to save the most important documents to always carry with us by installing the specific apps on all our devices.
Since this space does not concern photographs (always if we have a Prime plan), it is not absolutely advisable for the average user to adopt plans for hundreds of euros for a cloud space that is unlikely to fill; if PC space is a problem, it is better to focus on external disks.

Amazon has also started another service called Amazon Music that allows you to listen to music loaded or bought on the online store so you can have it available on every PC used.

4) Conclusions

If we want to compare Amazon Cloud with rival services we find that for files in the cloud has the same limits as Microsoft ‘s OneDrive (which allows you to upload up to 5 GB of files for free), has less capacity of the cloud offered by Google, or Google Drive (15 GB) but definitely more space for the most used service for the cloud, at least at the beginning of technology, or Dropbox (still at 2GB standard, but that can be increased by performing some tasks).

As a system for storing photos saved in automatic backup from your smartphone or tablet Amazon Prime Photos rivals Google Photos, which also offers free unlimited space for photos but, to be able to use, you need to perform an automatic compression of photos during the loading.
Excluding Amazon Prime costs Amazon Prime Photos is slightly superior to Google Photos because it does not compress photos, so we can save our shots to the highest quality.