Key Elements Prioritize When Optimizing Your Website

8 Key Elements To Prioritize When Optimizing Your Website

8 Key Elements

Key Elements: At the head of a tire, refrigeration or even a bakery business, you enjoy an excellent reputation through word of mouth. Your customers are loyal and numerous.

But while your reputation is well recognized in your community, some potential customers are still looking for you, contacting you and asking you for the address of your website. But here you have none.

In 2019, give yourself the advantage of increased visibility on multiple digital platforms thanks to the optimization of your website and a SEO strategy for SMEs.

Knowing that 86% of Quebecers connect to the Internet on a daily basis , having an optimized and well referenced website becomes a necessity. If this data alone is not enough to convince you, the emergence of your competitors who display their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the web should make you take the step!

Optimizing a website is essential in B2C sales, allowing you to attract new customers, whether to increase your turnover, develop your reputation or present a new product. The balance between SEO optimization and the user experience must be perfect, in order to maximize its conversion rate. But what are the points to take into account to have a perfectly optimized site?

Shorten the sales funnel

As an entrepreneur, your goal is to sell your products and services. That’s why it’s important, if not crucial, to have the shortest possible sales funnel.

Indeed, in order to convert the most possible visitors into customers, it must be taken into account that each stage of a sales tunnel represents a moment when the potential customer can decide to cancel his purchase.

So, keep in mind that the easier it is to do business with you, the faster your sales funnel, the better your chances of converting your prospects into customers. It’s true in life as it’s true for your website.

Improve the conversion of your site

The most important point in marketing is how to get visitors to your website to take action, that is to say to use the purchase of your products and services. For this, nothing better than to insert some call to action through your web pages.

For example, on your home page, do not hesitate to put a button “Discover our services”, “Contact us” or even “Ask your free quote”. This technique is a great way to engage your customers to browse the different pages of your website and, at the same time, encourage them in their decision-making process. You can also take this opportunity to offer them:

To create an account on your website,

To receive your newsletter,

Follow you on a social network.

Thanks to this, people who do not yet dare to use your services will know you better, they will have an additional period to discover more in depth your products or services, and finally go to the purchase.

Improve the speed of your site

Time is money, everyone knows it, and it’s even more true when you own a business. That’s why it’s  important that the loading speed of your website is optimal and does not exceed 30 seconds. Indeed, like all other search engines, Google has a robot called Googlebot. Its role is to browse your website by clicking link in link, to analyze each of your pages.

If the crawl system takes several seconds to fully load your page, it will affect the total crawling time of your page. Thus, the robot will detect and inform you of each slowdown encountered. If this is the case, the crawling and indexing will be slower.

Do not forget that speed is one of the essential SEO elements of your website, since a site that is too slow will make you lose several potential customers and, by the same token, additional revenue. Do not neglect adapting your site to a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) to target the most potential customers.

Choose a keyword and the associated semantic field

Once your sales channel is determined, you have implemented a conversion strategy and your website is at optimal loading speed, then it is time to go to the optimization of your website in order to make it profitable. and generate leads continuously . But, before you even think of optimizing your site via netlinking, it is important for you to choose your keywords. You must focus on a keyword and these co-occurrences on each of your pages, in order to obtain a perfectly optimized web page.

Please note that in order for your website to have enough access, the words chosen must present a volume of interesting research, for example, for a hairdressing salon, the key phrase “make a dye” is not interesting, representing only 20 monthly research, it will be necessary to promote a key phrase like “dyeing the hair”, which cumulates 170 searches per month. By selecting keywords with a good search volume while being uncompetitive, you increase your chances of reaching more customers and improve your SEO SEO.

Optimize the internal mesh

In SEO, to have a productive internal mesh, it must be consistent. Indeed, it is not necessary that a link leads to a random article. Thus, article topics and anchors must be related to the chosen keywords. Your internal mesh will be really effective when it is categorized, via a semantic cocoon – that is to say a tree structure of links linked together by a lexical field. For a dentist for example, the article “How to do a descaling?” Could be related to the article “How to whiten teeth?”.

Focusing the links of the same subject on a page will give it a considerable weight and when this is done, the categorized pages containing several topics of the same theme will be indexed more quickly. However, do not hesitate to send the visitor to another internal article if the two articles complement each other.

Optimize the markup of images

To optimize the natural referencing of your site thanks to images, it is essential to define the ALT tags. You must then describe your image with simple French and with keywords that will make it stand out in the search results. You will need to choose five to six keywords to present the content and function of the image. Here is an example: Tree cutting – Émondage Saint-Denis or Trendy haircut – Salon esthétique Your Style

Be aware that the TITLE attribute of images is not used for natural referencing. This attribute makes it possible to display, when placing the cursor on the image, the title of the image. It may be interesting to use it to make navigation more comfortable for your visitor.

Highlight customer reviews

Opinions on the Internet are extremely important. If you look at a recent FIFG study, 90% of users decide to consult consumer reviews before buying an item online. Of these 90%, almost a third chose to consider these reviews before placing an order.

That’s why you must pay attention to customer reviews on your website. The customer is not fooled: just saying that you are the best is not enough, it must be proven by your previous customers.

The optimization of your website and SEO SEO are based on many points, as explained above. It is necessary to focus on each of them to maximize the potential of your site.

A / B testing of titles and pages

The concept is simple, it consists of the comparison of two existing versions of a website, or an application, in order to determine the most efficient of them. For this, version A and version B will appear randomly to different users, to collect information that will show you the version of your most profitable site. If you are a lawyer for example, you could have an article entitled “How to choose a lawyer”, confronted with the title “10 tips for choosing a lawyer”, the version of the title with the most cliques being the one that will be validated.