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12+ Best Free WordPress Themes for 2019

Using WordPress is becoming really easy, we can all create our own website, or at least we can start laying the groundwork. The WordPress community gives us many free themes every day, but not all of them are well developed and choosing the best one becomes very complicated because there are really a lot of them …

Given that last year’s article on the best free themes of 2018 was very successful and I found my best free WordPress themes from 2019 .


To tell your style

In the internet world, where mobile devices have acquired great power for e-commerce interest, it is absolutely necessary to have a light, nice and interactive layout. For this we recommend the WordPress themecalled ” Creattica ” compatible with Jetpack , Contact Form7 and with all existing plugins .

Suitable for websites that deal with different lifestyles, for research and study as well as personal websites .


Suitable for those who love to write

Are you a budding writer? Are you particularly satirical and want a website that has your style? Then you should use the theme Magpaperof WordPress . Innovative in graphics, it also has options to optimize your requests. Absolutely recommended for websites for news, satirical writers or who want to make their voices heard.

The WordPress theme Magpaper allows you to optimize your articles by helping and advising you.


Create reviews in your blog

ThemeDroid is a WordPress theme  created for blogging , suitable for HI-TECH blogs, games, smartphones,  designed with Android in mind , but easily customizable for any context. Thanks to WordPress customizer you can  customize fonts  by choosing from the Google Fonts library. You can also change the main color of the theme and much more, also thanks to the advanced settings panel. The premium version of ThemeDroid gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the fantastic  reviews features , with  ratings ,  pros / cons  and much more.


Free your music

Music is an art that must be shared precisely with users who have this unbridled passion. If you are a budding musician, but full of passion and desire to get involved, create your website through WordPress with the Euphony theme . An easy to use layout, with advanced features and useful for music bands or soloists. For an advanced level you can also try Euphony Pro for advanced music controls.


The world of photography is your theme

Let’s not just stop at writing and music, continue with the art of photography. Today we can photograph everything, at any time and, after the advent of Social , try to create your website with a theme called Fotogenic . Very cool , innovative and curious design that enhances your images.

You want to customize it, just like your photos, you will have the possibility of having different functions that may interest you, all for free and integrated into this theme .


Create a fantastic E-commerce site

On WordPress you can create your very own website for your personal e-commerce . Using the Woostify layout you will have a lightweight site , compatible with all mobile devices and browsers , ideal for users, fast and above all full of options.

You will be able to create your “windows” , use different commands and build your pages in the best way. Use it to find new customers for the services you offer or for the products you sell. Super recommended !

7.Minimal Lite

Blogs and influencers? Here is the minimal layout

Beauty matters! The sympathy? Also! But without a website that tells you who you are, what you do and how you follow fashion or how you “throw” trend, you’ll be left behind. Your website must have the Minimal Lite theme that you can use directly on WordPress.

complete , personal and rich layout . You can create everything that goes through your mind without letting yourself be stopped by anything.


Essential blogger? I present the theme for you

The WordPress Almighty theme is suitable for those who like essential guidelines , easy to understand and that are useful even for the most inexperienced users. This theme, available on the WordPress platform to create your website, is compatible with all mobile devices , desktops and all browsers .

You can still choose different functions and customize your website according to what you think. We can define it “humoral” , just like all of us.


A “multiform” layout

Who says that a website must have only one form? Changing it is easy with the theme of Shesha. It is an ideal layout to be used as an e-commerce , as a blog, to offer services and to represent different influencers .

A light, clean, tidy and above all easy to use theme for both the “creator” of your website and for the users who visit it.

That said, choose which layout is right for you to build your fantastic website.


Build your dream

Whether it is an impact theme, there is no doubt about it. As soon as the page loads you will be faced with a film -themed theme that, thanks also to the masterful use of Elementor ( the most used plugin page builder ) manages to give life to whatever you want to create.

Jumadi is a multipurpose WordPress theme (multi-purpose), so if you like the style, you can use it to represent your art by creating a portfolio of great impact, or create your business or event, you can use it as a blog or you can start an online store since this theme is perfectly compatible with Woocommerce.

11.Catch Vogue

Ready to open your fashion blog?

Catch Vogue was originally born for fashion sites , but it actually represents an alternative and captivating way to show off your photographs in the form of a portfolio. The template is widely customizable, but don’t worry: it’s really intuitive and you ‘ll be able to get exactly what you wanted in just a few quick steps.


Minimalist and elegant

Minimalist and elegant, it is perfect for managing your photos quickly and smoothly. Ideal for photographers who want a clean and easy to navigate site, it is equipped with fast, high-performance sliders for a high-quality visual experience. Fotografie Pro also includes several interesting options, which will help you to create your site in a short time and with little effort.

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