Writing content for the web site is not an easy task

Writing content for the site is not an easy task

Often the cause of the problem is generated by an underestimation of the problem itself. Phrases such as ” the texts are practically ready “, ” the contents are not a problem, they are written almost by themselves “, they should already sound like loud alarm bells that highlight a strong underestimation of the effort required to write adequate content for the new site.

Both texts are not a problem 

Among the factors that generate major problems in the content creation phase it is possible to mention:

Lack of time

Planning what content to publish on the site, writing them, correcting them, reviewing them and possibly reworking them, can really take a long time. Often the creation of these contents is delegated to people who work in the company, but they are daily employed in activities related to their “real” work.

Content creation is something to be left behind for spare time. However, the latter rarely occur and it is therefore frequent that even after a few weeks not even one line of content has been written.

Absence of a plan

without a map, a lineup or any form of plan it is really difficult to start from a blank page and start to write all the contents necessary for a site. In fact, it is important to define a prior what the indispensable contents are, why it is necessary to write them and what kind of public they are addressed to. Starting work without at least this essential information is likely to be just a waste of time.

Choice of people not suitable for the job:

The preparation of the contents, in particular for a corporate website, requires an excellent knowledge of the aspects that will be dealt with. Therefore, delegating the preparation of content to the intern who joined the company last week may not be the best solution.

It is also essential to have a good or at least a good writing ability. Disconnected phrases and pages that are the result of copying and pasting the texts taken from the old company brochures, most likely will not be useful for creating an effective Web page for your site.

Excessive use of technical or slang terms:

When it comes to creating a website, especially if aimed at promoting a company’s services or products, it is essential to ensure that the public understands the texts and information present without any difficulty in the site.

It is not necessary to be excessively elementary or even childish in the explanations, but it is essential to make sure that the average visitor of the site can understand what we are going to propose to him. Using an excessively technical and incomprehensible language could generate such a reaction in the visitor:

How to simplify the creation of effective content for your company’s website

Prepare a plan:

Before you start writing the first line of text that will go to the home page, start by drawing a site map. This will allow you to have both a complete picture of all the contents that you will need to deal with, and their arrangement within the structure of the site.

It is not necessary to use software such as Mindnode , XMind or other more complex solutions. Paper and pen may be more than sufficient.

Think about the questions a potential customer might ask themselves and try to give them an answer through the contents of the site. He also reasons from an SEO perspective to identify which keywords may be the most sought after by people potentially interested in the products and services offered by your company.

Involve the right people:

Many of your collaborators will be exceptional in their work, but they may not necessarily be the best people to write content for a website. Furthermore, if they are not even very involved in the activity and would rather dig in the mine than write, maybe it’s better to go elsewhere. It would probably be more appropriate to interview them and have the content written by a professional, or someone who is particularly well-versed in writing.

Write using the language of your customers:

One of the most frequent problems when it comes to producing content for a corporate website is to want to speak (write) as one is used to doing in a company, not necessarily therefore with the language used by customers. For example, it is common to find that the name given internally to a particular product is used almost exclusively on company sites, completely ignoring how the same product is commonly called by all people who do not work in the company. Refusing categorically to use a common and frequently used terminology by the public, in favor of a language reserved for professionals, can be highly counterproductive.

Content is essential for you to find and convert visitors into customers:

Few good effective contents can make the difference between a functional and effective site and yet another brochure site that people visit only to know the phone number or company address.

On WordPress, there are numerous SEO plugins that can help you improve your site’s ranking, but they are not enough on their own.

It is not always necessary to write tens or hundreds of pages of content to achieve the desired goals. It is essential that the contents are useful so that people visiting the site can easily get an answer to their question.