Wix: how to create a website for free with the help of artificial intelligence

Wix: how to create a website for free with the help of artificial intelligence

Wix is ​​the application to create a modern, animated and dynamic website without the need to write codes, all automatically
Wix If you want to create a website but you are not satisfied with the static pages of a blog and you are not able to technically design a type of dynamic site with beautiful images, effects and animated menus, one of the best solutions is definitely Wix , which will allow you to create any type of website (including e-commerce and blogs) using advanced technology based on artificial intelligence , which will actually create the site “on its own” based on our graphic needs and based on category of site we’re going to create. We will be able to have a complete free site by answering a few simple questions, without even being Web programmers!

If instead we are pretty good with the codes, we will have a whole series of tools at our disposal to be able to create the perfect site for our company or for our business.


How to create a website with Wix


Wix.com is a real online application for creating dynamic, animated websites with high-level web graphics . After a quick registration with only a password and email name, you can immediately start drawing the main web page and letting yourself be guided in the procedure.


The site offers two options: to rely completely on artificial intelligence (which will create the site for us), or act on the editor, so as to have the maximum control over everything we are going to create.


If we choose artificial intelligence , the site will ask us questions (to which we will have to answer as precisely as possible) and will make us fill out a simple form, so as to obtain the site we want at the end, without even having to touch a Web element or a single line of code.


Automatic site


Obviously this is the procedure that we advise to follow if we are totally inexperienced of Web pages and we do not know HTML, CSS and the like.


If instead we opt for the editor (obviously we already have a certain familiarity with the various graphic elements and not of a site, otherwise it becomes too difficult), we will have all the tools available to create each session of the page, including SEO tools and tools to integrate its own APIs, so that it can interface with other services or offer support for a Webapp (in case someone wants to implement it in other sites or on a mobile app).




The editor is already more complex to use, but even in this case we can create a site without even knowing a web programming language


In the editor every element that is inserted can be moved to the web page where you want, as you would do on Word or PowerPoint, always using the mouse and dragging. By clicking with the left mouse button on the page and on a single element, you can change the design or text or image.


The Apps are also in the App Market where, in addition to the free Wix apps, you can buy other external applications to integrate with the site.


If instead we wanted to start from the source code , the site also offers Corvid, intended for use by Web programmers.


Create a site from scratch


Whatever the road taken, we can choose whether to create a professional or business , commercial, sales or shop site, a photo and image site, a personal site, a site dedicated to music or video playback. Among the personal sites you can choose to make the site of your resume, family or marriage .


Among the options there is also that of creating a page for Facebook that can be really useful to attract more fans and publish content on the timeline of a page.


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In addition there are two special sections, one to create an online store with a catalog of products to be sold and another with Wix’s special Web Apps , which are used to add Flash elements, dynamic contact forms, Maps, buttons to access the site, buttons to pay with PayPal ect.


All this is offered free of charge: if we wish to have more options in creating our site, we advise you to read the following chapter.


Advanced features with Wix Premium

Some of these options are only available by upgrading, ie paying a monthly subscription, just like any other domain and website manager.


Wix Premium


On this page there are Wix Premium prices that are convenient if the site is intended for commercial or business use. For a personal site I think it is enough to pay the subscription to have a domain, but we can also choose subscriptions dedicated to e-commerce and VIP subscriptions, which offer you unlimited bandwidth, storage space above 10GB, connection to a domain personalized, dedicated assistance, personalized favicon, coupon for the announcements, access to the app for the generation of the modules and the site booster (advanced optimizations to quickly open your site, with any starting code).



As we have seen, the Wix site is the best solution for those who want to create their own website without having to go crazy between lines of code, also thanks to artificial intelligence that will help us step by step in creating the site. For those who are already experts in websites, we will find instead all the tools to create source code or to insert their own APIs or webapps.

We personally believe that relying on industry professionals is still the best (and far-sighted) choice, but if we are in a hurry to open our site and know nothing about Web codes, we can use sites like Wix and others to have suffered a elementary site ready to sponsor our business or our work.