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What is online marketing?


Advertising is a tool that has always been present in our lives calling our attention for one reason or another. The marketing , on the other hand, refers to the systematic planning, implementation and control of commercial activities. In other words, the most administrative part of advertising.

Surely you know all the tools of conventional maketing such as television ads , posters, banners , etc. Until now, these materials have been useful to communicate massively and increase the benefit of companies. Knowing what we mean by both concepts, we have to include a third host: the online world.

Since the internet came , it revolutionized our lives and the way we see and do things. We are no longer alone in an entity, but now we have added a new reality in the network. In other words, we live with another “dimension”.

Now, the mixture of these three concepts gives us the result of online marketing that is nothing more and nothing less than the incorporation of marketing and advertising within the network. With the arrival of the internet it was necessary to create a new communication channel for the big brands. Therefore, the way to get products is through this new concept, but how does digital marketing work ?

How Is It Done?

The only similarity between online and conventional marketing lies in the end, which is the same: the mass communication of a product or service in order to benefit someone or something.

The difference, on the other hand, is the means used. Now we play in the field of digital, so the strategies are different. Other resources such as blogs, SEO or SEM positioning strategies, email marketing or social networks will be used. Thanks to these tools, online marketing is effective.

Conventional or Digital?

The most significant difference of advertising in a conventional versus an online media lies mainly in prices. The costs of advertising on the internet are much cheaper and vary a lot compared to traditional media.

In addition, the immediacy and effectiveness is totally different if we play with online marketing. Flexibility and dynamism also play in favor of digital marketing.

Finally, the results collected at the end of each campaign tend to be more precise and detailed since the data are quantifiable and the reports are more effective.

How to do it?

For a new digital project to be on track, it is necessary to have professionals capable of making this experience pleasant and not chaotic.


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