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Website Redesign or Continuous Improvement Process

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Website Redesign Process for SME

Not so long ago, one of the golden rules of business success was “being well located”. Offices, shops, clinics, etc., had to be geographically close to their market. That is, the sight of targeted people who are used to circulating physically close by.

But today, when people are mostly looking at their phones, you need to understand two essential things as a merchant. One, your storefront is now your website. Two, the newspaper, the TV, the directory and the main street, it’s Google!

Therefore, you must be well positioned as part of a SEO. Translation: Google must be interested in you, your business must be obvious and relevant on the Web, and all this must not be expensive.

Do not be invisible

Nowadays, to be visible means to appear on screens. Computers, tablets and cell phones are your company’s new gateway, and ignoring this digital reality can be very disadvantageous for your business.

In a market economy where competition is tough and ubiquitous, you need to take advantage of technology to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You must succeed in getting the attention of consumers and seduce them with your service offerings. For this, it is essential to work on your brand image, to implement dissemination strategies to highlight your products and services and to display your expertise through the publication of relevant information related to what you offer.

Other advertising medium

Although consumer buying habits have changed, the fact remains that people still have needs to meet.

In this context, it is essential to invest in web strategies not only effective, but also adapted to your needs. That’s where Google AdWords comes in. No matter whether you run a small or big business, the Google AdWords platform is a great tool to optimize your search engine placement. Google. In other words, it is an effective way of placing advertising placements through sponsored links on search engines through the use of keywords.

Why invest in AdWords advertising? Simply because, to get information or to be guided in their purchase process, most people (from 75% to 90%) have the reflex to use the Google search engine. But the majority of them do not go further than the first page of results. It is therefore advantageous for you to appear (commercial name, domain names, activities, etc.) on this page. And if possible at the top of the list.

SEO mission

Making sure that a term, a subject, an activity, a company is in a good position in this list is an art. For some, it’s a science. In any case, this is what another acronym, which is often referred to you as:

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) that we translated a bit oddly in French by “SEO”. Natural in the sense that the optimization of the rank, which the site or the Web page (listed by Google) obtains, is not the fruit of an external artifice, billable. It is rather the “engine” of research that has decided this way, of itself, thanks to its extraordinary power and its ability to take everything into account,

In fact, there are hundreds of criteria that are considered by Google’s algorithm … There, by cons, we are in the much more complex.

Let’s make a short story

Google is a calculating beast in evolution. Its designers feed it, adjust it. The nature and importance of the criteria for referencing everything on the Web varies over time and according to the evolutionary organization of the filters (sorting programs in the results) that are integrated. The type of searches (queries), their context and their origin also play.

In short, Google awards (top of the list) or penalizes a Web page according to standards (indicators of relevance) that the SEO tries to exploit to the maximum.

Domesticate the beast

Whether for optimization within the pages of your website , especially through specific texts and quality, what is called in the jargon SEO on-site; or for the development of external hypertext links pointing to your website (SEO off-site), web experts master all the techniques that have impact. Find out more immediately on our SEO service.

Yes, but…

Since the Web and Google are unlimited in scope, you may say, “What good is it to be able to spread all over the world or across the country if I do not export my products, if my clientele is local?

Very good remark.

As it has evolved, Google has refined itself as a search tool so that it can take into account a packet of information left by its users and the owners of referenced sites. Social media, directories of all kinds and other related sites are also screened. It is therefore important to inform Google in a specific way, to “please” from the start, and to present your content in perfect harmony with its criteria. Your positioning will be optimized.

Local SEO

This is the case with regard to the concrete location of your offices, institutions, etc. Indeed, by a funny return of things in these times of dematerialization and abolished distances, your commercial coordinates (address, postal code, etc.) are decisive. We are talking about a specific SEO optimization: local SEO.

This SEO is important for an SME because people use their cell phone, geolocated, very often, when they are looking for products and services. Google considers it in its results, and has the ability to suggest primarily businesses and businesses nearby. In business, even in times of globalization, the “local” has not lost its importance. In this respect the figures are convincing.

New habits, did you say?

Half of the people who did a local search with their cell phones visited the store during the day; the third did it when they used a tablet or a computer.

One in five local search from a phone led to a sale in the day (qualified traffic).

Nearly four out of five local (mobile + Google) searches lead to in-branch (off-line) sales.

Half of the people who use their phone in local queries search for business contact information.

Seven out of ten Google users say they have searched for the information of the company or business in question before going there for the first time.

Nearly half of all searches on Google are “near”.

We bring you back to the ranking

Whether you have one or more branches or want to market your brand across the province while increasing regional sales, it’s important that your local SEO is done the right way. That it is optimized.

In this respect, SEO specialists know all the tips to significantly increase your chances of “going out on the first page” (Google).

GMB factsheet (Google My Business), standardization of contact information in e- directories, attractiveness and speed of access to your website, integration of Schema tags , mobile-friendly appearance ( responsive ), quotes (evaluations), e- reputation and relevant indexing, relevant and quality site content, social networking strategies, etc. Name them all, we use them. Get your free consultation to convince you more.

Virtual showcase, real showcase. Both must be attractive, noticed. And more and more, one leads to another, courtesy of mobiles and Google.

Let us help you improve your ranking in search results, attract more visitors to your website and … to you. We are the pros of goodwill.

For concrete examples of SEO projects, request your free consultation and  see some of our achievements.

In conclusion, the website redesign process for SMEs is a comprehensive and time-consuming endeavor. It requires an understanding of the business objectives and user needs as well as an extensive research of design trends and technology advancements. Building a successful website requires careful planning and execution, but the rewards are well worth the effort. An effective website can be a powerful tool to help small businesses attract customers, build trust, strengthen their online presence, and ultimately grow their business.