The importance of digital marketing nowadays

The importance of digital marketing nowadays

Everyone talks about digital marketing and its importance for companies in this new phase focused on using the internet. Not everyone, however, knows exactly what it is and what it really serves. So, let’s try to proceed with order, making the concept clearer. Digital marketing is the type of marketing that uses electronic equipment, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, to get consumers involved. Web marketing is the May branch of digital marketing. We talk about digital marketing, therefore, when we are faced with that particular set of  online marketing techniques , that is, that make use of new digital media to promote a product or service, a brand or an organization.

In the digital age, therefore, it is essential to have an online presence that is commercially effective. This dogma is valid for any business reality, especially for individual professionals. So much so that a discipline has also been born, personal branding, which teaches how to stay on the internet in order to receive great visibility and an interesting ROI both to big brands and to smaller companies.

Digital marketing is therefore the starting point of every digital strategy. Without quality content you don’t go anywhere on the web. The contents, to be of quality, must be original, relevant, informative, interesting for users of the niche in which the brand operates. In short: quality contents always solve a specific problem for an equally specific consumer target. Content of this type provides value to your potential customers.

Starting from quality content, it is necessary that these are positioned high up in the SERP of search engines present on the net, especially in those of Google. Only in this way can web users who rely on online research view and select them.

To do this it is possible to rely on the techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which however are many. Following them, however, you can get excellent results, especially if you focus on SEO optimization of the title tag, SEO optimization of the H1 and H2 tags, tag description optimization, SEO friendly URL creation, sitemap creation, optimization web content images, creation of a robots file.

In addition to SEO we must remember that digital marketing is also doing search engine marketing (SEM), understood as keywords advertising, e-mail marketing and campaigns on Google AdWords. Care must also be taken to measure the results of the campaigns and to report on their return. In fact, it often happens that you find companies that do online marketing actions, but that do not measure the results obtained.

But not only that, to do digital marketing you need to look at social media. And you have to do it strategically. Which means opening a profile only on social media where there is an effective – and significant – presence of its consumers. And those profiles must be treated daily, interacting with their fans, followers.