Synchronize the address book from iPhone to PC with iCloud

Synchronize the address book from iPhone to PC with iCloud

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How to use iCloud to synchronize your online iPhone address book and be able to retrieve and restore it on another phone

Thanks to Apple’s iCloud program, those who own an iPad or iPhone no longer have that terrible problem of being able to create a backup copy of the address book and keep the phone numbers on the computer.

With iCloud you can synchronize contacts from your computer without having to work hard, provided you have an iPhone updated to iOS 5, the latest version of the mobile operating system released by Apple.

iCloud is integrated the update, so simply connect the iPhone to the PC used to synchronize and keep a double copy of the contacts address both on the PC and on the phone or tablet if you talk about the iPad.

Obviously you must also have an Apple ID (with username and password) registered on iTunes that very simple even creating an account on Itunes without a credit card.

As written a few months ago, in addition to being a feature of iOS5, iCloud is also a program for Windows and Mac to backup iPhone and iPad .

iCloud is, in fact, a reserved online space accessible from any device with your registered account therefore, any data saved in iCloud, becomes available simultaneously on iPhone and computer.

To enable data synchronization between PC and iPhone, you must enter the device settings, log in with the Apple account and turn on iCloud for the Contacts section .

With iCloud still open, clicking on Contacts you can view your address book.

As any modification made by iCloud on your computer or from the website icloud.comit is automatically synchronized even on the phone, you can change the contacts of the phone book and every detail from the PC, with a more comfortable keyboard.

In iCloud you can also import contacts from other services, from Email accounts or from Google Contacts.

Depending on the e-mail program, using the PC, you can export all the contacts in single vCard files that you can then upload by clicking the ” Settings ” button of the contact list and on iClous (from Windows or from the web) just choose to import vCards and selecting files.

For contacts saved on the Google address or Gmail, just go to the Google Contacts site and click the linkExport top right.

You can select them all together and you can download them in vcs format (vCard) to bring them to iCloud.

With iCloud for Windows it is very easy to synchronize iCloud contacts and email addresses even on Microsoft Outlook, using Apple software for Windows.

If you want to export contacts from other email services or other mail programs, you must instead synchronize using the settings provided by any service, import and export of the address book (in vCard format).

All changes made on iCloud are always synchronized on iPhone, iPad and Computer and all information is always updated (if the devices are connected to the Internet).

Alternatively you can always use the Google address book on iPhone and save contacts in Gmail via Google Sync also available for Android, Blackberry, Nokia S60 and Windows Phone.

If you are having difficulty with the Apple program and just want to backup your address book or other iPhoone data without using iCloud, you can always use the ‘excellent CopyTrans Manager program that allows you to transfer music, video and photo apps from iPhone to PC and vice versa without iTunes.