Should you sell on Amazon or create an ecommerce?

Should you sell on Amazon or create an ecommerce?

This is one of the dilemmas that has always tormented those who have to start their own internet sales: Amazon or ecommerce , what to choose to monetize the online store? Difficult to make a decision because in both cases, as for eBay, there are advantages and disadvantages.

In reality, the path of those who start working in this sector is full of rocks and clutches to overcome . You have doubts that are never resolved. Like billing, inventory, stocks, customer relationships and various promotional activities to bring the audience to your sales network.

In this case you have to work on inbound marketing and exploit all the weapons at your disposal. For example, SEO , email marketing and promotional strategies on social media .

Without forgetting promotions, advertising and retargeting. There are many dynamics to organize and you do not have time to waste: you have to understand if it is better to work with Amazon and open a profile here, on the world’s largest ecommerce, or it is better to open a website.

Better to choose Amazon for online shopping?

This is the solution that prefers those who do not yet have clear ideas, maybe those who start to take their first steps in the online shopping world. Amazon is tempting to everyone, offers visibility and strong points.

Not sure where to start? Just go to the Amazon sales page to get all the information. And to create your account you have to:

Provide a credit card.

Check the phone

Provide details about the company

Give information about the holder.

Specify the bank account.

Then create an inventory of products, showcase what you want to sell, take advantage of the logistics of the structure to send and send what you have sold and collect everything. The price is clear: for those who sell less than 40 products a month there is a percentage that affects every sale, for the big names we start from a fixed monthly. Then there are the sponsored channels, the famous internal advertisements.

These ADV give you visibility in the face of an investment that you decide. But that allows you to have more visits between people who browse the portal. And this is a plus.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling on Amazon

The first positive aspect is simplicity. To open an online store with Amazon you have to follow simple operations, and you do not have to face an odyssey like the one that is proposed to those who think in terms of ecommerce: no domain and hosting, zero technical problems and worry.

Of course, you can and must work on promoting your work: the product sheets of your online shop must still be pushed with the tools of ‘ inbound marketing. But you can take advantage of the visibility that comes from being hosted in the most famous online store on the web.

Here the negative sides start: you are not alone. Share the space with your competitors and you can not get rid of the constraints imposed by the platform. Which are not only economic but also structural.

The strength of an ecommerce to sell online

I want to continue the challenge Amazon Vs Ecommerce with a question: why do you think so many entrepreneurs and professionals decide to open an ecommerce to sell online? Why, at this point, do not work only with marketplaces like Amazon or eBay? The reason is in profit.

With an ecommerce, in principle, you can earn more. Because there are no percentages to be paid to the big father who allows their affiliated children to create a small online activity in their own garden. What may seem like a win-win relationship, in reality, is a leap in the dark.

For those starting this path it can be a compromise. Because ecommerce is not easy to manage. It must be created, and this is an intrusive number in the expense column.

An ecommerce costs, it must be qualitatively unexceptionable and this means paying the job well . Then comes the moment of promotion: can you advertise an online product? You have to do it on Google and on social media; you need to create effective newsletters and winning articles for the company blog

Advantages and disadvantages of ecommerce

Start with the first point: among the advantages of ecommerce there is the complete junction from what Amazon suggests in terms of taxes to be paid to be on the store. But the real convenience is the ability to operate independently: on your site you are not surrounded by competitors, and you can change the platform as you think. This is how SEO optimization for e-commerce  works as well

The website is yours, you manage it autonomously. And this represents a disadvantage that joins all the worries and expenses that come with a proprietary ecommerce. In short, on the big numbers there are more satisfactions and a greater number of headaches.

A holistic strategy for your online store

Now you will ask me what the right solution is: Amazon or ecommerce. What to choose for your business? In reality this is not the point because in both cases there are advantages and disadvantages.