When we talk about SEO consultants, we mean a digital web professional who is in charge of optimizing and positioning SEO Websites or e-commerce online in first page on Google and on the best search engines. Often the SEO or specialist consultant is a professional with certifications obtained annually from Google and Bing Ads. His figure has the task of analyzing errors in the design and construction phase of the website. His main job is to Optimize and Position the largest number of pages of the website or E-commerce Website on the front page on search engines. The SEO specialist has a specific area. Every specialist has dedicated himself to learning how to optimize web-based portals based on Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and e-Commerce based on Magento, Woocommerce, opencart and prestashop.


The first task that a SEO or SEO Guru specialist has , after having agreed a price for the service, is to carry out immediately an Audit (analysis) of the website or ecommerce to be optimized . Checking loading times and verifying Google positioning are the first steps to understand the structural errors that occurred during the website creation phase; control of indexed pages and the position of “Keywords”.

Keyword analysis

‘ keyword analysis is important to find opportunities and get free organic traffic coming from searches made by online users. Studying the key words and trend charts, associating them with a study of the Adwords keyword planner, is useful to increase the visibility of the company and to make the store discover new customers. To analyze the search criteria it is necessary to use Google Trends that can provide us with immediate information on the possible strategy to choose. The anal process is the most important.

What is Google Trends, what is it and how to use it?

Google trends is a free online tool that allows you to explore the most recent trend topics searched and displayed by users through the Google search engine. It also serves to analyze the trend of keywords over time, selecting them by country and by period.

Learning to use Google trends is easy; just enter the keyword or topic of interest to be able to view through the online graph:

  • The trend of the keywords with a maximum trend that goes from 2019 until today.
  • View in detail the searches by region and by city.
  • Trend search and I breakout criteria

As mentioned before, alongside SEO Zoom, the Adwords keyword planner and Screaming Frog SEO Spider becomes a fundamental tool to  place search keys on the pages of a website on the front page.


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