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Save a laptop battery method

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The author has an IBM Thinkpad 390 / 262650C laptop (PII 233CPU, 32MB RAM, 3.2G hard drive) on hand. Due to the usual charge and discharge improper, coupled with this not only the computer model of the battery Ni-Mh, a memory effect, the battery discharge time shorter and shorter, leaving less than 5 minutes, for which I almost have to send To the dumpster, the day before yesterday to wander the IBM home page, find a wonderful stuff, magically save the battery, the discharge time is almost the same recovery and the new.

Here’s the protagonist: IBM launched in June TP390 / 390e / 390x series battery refresh program (a bit like the motherboard B

ios refresh program). First downloaded at, this is a DOS self-extracting program, prepare a formatted good quality and reliable floppy disk.

The following is a specific rescue process:

1. Restart the computer, press the F8 key to enter the boot select menu, select safe DOS mode, enter the directory where the file just downloaded, execute this file isbr01.exe, read the warning, insert the floppy disk as required, press Enter, followed by Self-extracting process.

2. With this floppy boot computer restart, the screen appears Starting pc-dos ….

Note: The above operations are provided by AC power.

3. Then unplug the AC power prompts, the program automatically discharge Ni-Mh battery until the machine automatically shut down so that the discharge has been completed.

Note: Do not wait to see zero percent can not wait, so ineffective, and keep the floppy disk do not remove.

Touch your hot battery, do not hurry boot, make it cool, plug in the AC power, and then use a floppy disk to boot the computer, autoexec.bat will automatically run the refresh program, ask you whether to proceed, select “Yes”, press Enter, the process is fast, return to the DOS prompt A:>, which means that has been completed.

5. Turn off the computer, but do not pull the AC power and allow it to charge until the battery indicator turns green.

6. The above process is repeated three times to get the best results.

7. Try it, enter Windows to open the “super king”, unplug the AC power, watch the Department VCD, and then look at the power indicator, is not there a thirty-forty percent.