Promoting a Tour Operator: 5 Ideas On How To Do IT

Promoting a Tour Operator: 5 Ideas On How To Do IT


How many times have you wondered, if everything you are implementing in terms of marketing and communication is really enough to demonstrate the uniqueness of the experiences that travelers can book from you.

In reality, these doubts are common to many operators in your sector, but they can be resolved by having the right tools available. We live in an increasingly interconnected world on the net, where the exhibition channels are infinite, but often it is difficult to understand how to move and promote, while competition grows and becomes more and more visible.

To be successful in the business and create your own brand reputation it is not enough to know your business, but you need in-depth knowledge also about the channels on which to choose to operate and the tools that you can use to make your communication effective.

First of all, the management of one’s own online presence, the personalization of communication with the customer, the advanced management of distribution and the recovery of the digital gap are the fundamental weapons to face the changing mechanisms of the tourism market of experiences.

Setting a correct digital strategy for tour operators is essential to manage the activities and achieve the goals of your tour operator.

Here are 5 points that should not be missing from your promotion strategy.

Create your brand reputation both online and offline

Undoubtedly creating a brand reputation for tour operators is the basis of everything. Just think that brand reputation is precisely the image that people create in their mind that is reflected both online and offline.

A good online reputation, or the traditional online word of mouth, must be developed over time through a structured and strategic Reputation Management to contribute to a constant flow of online reservations. These feeds, positive or negative, are a great way to get to know each other better.

To improve and to become aware of the strengths, as well as to obviously make yourself known. But all this feedback still needs to be monitored.

Promote travel experiences through content marketing

How to promote travel experiences? How to explain and emphasize something that is strictly personal? The answer is content marketing, or the creation and distribution of content, relevant, relevant, published continuously to attract and retain your target, and ultimately to induce them to buy. The contents are the message that your tour operator wants to communicate to his target through a specific format that can be text, article, video, images, etc.

Content can be created through various tools, including: Blog containing articles, which can be enriched with videos and images; the pages of your site that deal with formal content that answers users’ questions about who you are, what you offer, for whom and why they should choose your tourism products and services: visual content, or images, photos and videos, storytelling, to be shown on the various social and sector channels, using various online resources such as competitions, ebooks, webinars and price lists, including newsletters.

Sell ​​your travel experiences by generating empathy

How to sell travel experiences online? Tourism businesses that want to succeed and sell a tourist experience online will have to work on perfecting the customer experience. From the elements that led the customer to search for that type of experience by purchasing your offer; from the need to make a unique journey, to having a wealth of incomparable memories. So: create empathy, generating emotions, curiosities, involvement, all created your personal touch that identifies you.

Choose a technique and a storytelling style that precisely represent your brand and the exclusivity of your offers.

One technique you can take advantage of is storytelling. Storytelling also adapts to the tourism sector from the point of view of the traveler because by telling an experience, you give inspiration for the trip, it tells the anecdotes about the departure and then the emotion during the experience of that trip.

Create your responsive website

Being competitive in a constantly evolving market, such as tourism, websites for tour operators become one of the tools that companies cannot give up to develop and increase online business.

It is important that it adequately represents your company and that it communicates your proposal in an incisive and convincing way. Do not neglect the part concerning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which will allow your website to rank organically (i.e. not paid) among the first search results on Google.

Keeping in mind also the specific needs of the sector operators such as layout, with excellent loading speed, a curated user experience that guarantees fluidity in the booking process. Amplify the online shopping experience, using live and offline chats, develop the About Us page on your site, highlighting the value of your team and their professionalism; It also develops your presence locally, taking advantage of all the elements that make the destination where you offer your experiences unique.

Develop your business in detail both online and offline

Making publicity for tour operators is an integral part of the strategy is by using the tools provided by Google, the social platforms, industry sites, the so-called traditional advertising, and offline, through word of mouth, flyers, billboards, etc.

It reserves part of the advertising investment for Google Ads and Facebook Ads, also by communicating through social media in an assiduous way, also offering telephone assistance or even directly from the website chat, creates offers keeping in mind all types of budgets (last minute, low cost and luxury) so that every traveler can find what they are looking for.

We at Web Digital Media Group  are specialized in the tourism sector, and through our method we professionally support companies in the process of conception, management and coordination through a digital strategy for tour operators structured in order to successfully communicate the activity of tour operators keeping in mind the target audience.

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