New features to make Google Photos more attractive

New features to make Google Photos more attractive

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google photos

Google has been offering photo services for quite some time. However, the time to provide true photo retention services has been in May 2015, when Google Photos, a full-fledged update, was released. Now I was able to back up all your photos for free. You can even print photos on Photo Books. It does not stop here. Google Machine Learning offers a lot of interesting features. You only need to know where and how to use it.

Collecting your favorite photos With

Google Photos, you can easily store all your photos. But there are some of these pictures that I especially like. Add these photos as your favorite photos for easy access later. How to specify a photo as a favorite photo is simple. Tap the photo and find the star at the bottom of the screen. Tap this star and your photo will immediately appear in the ‘Favorites’ album. It’s a special album that only users can see on Google Photos. You can also share photo items in it.

probably already know the assistant, the voice-based AI of Android smartphones or Google Smart speakers. Google Photos also has a slightly different assistant. Tap on the Assistant tab to see what you are doing.

The Assistant tab includes basic suggestions for management, such as keeping a screenshot or recipe. There are also suggestions related to photo editing and correction. For example, we suggest applying interesting filtering to a specific photo or similar collection of photos (collage). You can also get pictures with a ‘color pop’ filter, highlighting a specific subject with color or shade and the rest in black and white. On the Assistant tab, if you find a photo you like (with an assistant’s suggestion), you can click the Save button to add it to the library.

should have seen the collage while looking at the Create Custom Collage Assistant tab. The Google Photos app includes a tool that lets you create your own collages. Open the overflow menu and select the collage. Or, go to the Assistant tab and tap the collage at the top of the screen. You can designate 2 to 9 pictures as a collage. However, you can not determine the collage’s frame-by-frame placement. Google AI decides the placement and composition of the photos for you.

Google Lens

Google uses Machine Learning to categorize photos of Google Port. But you can do more with Google’s lenses. This image analysis tool provides useful information beyond understanding the subject in a photograph. It is not perfect. But it still offers some pretty interesting features.

To use the lens, find the picture you want to analyze and enlarge it to full screen. Tap on the Lens icon at the bottom of the screen and Google Neural Network will begin to analyze the picture. Currently, Google Lens can analyze books, logos, landmarks, addresses, and breeds relatively accurately. After the analysis is completed, useful web links are provided. You can also use the lens to copy the text from the photo. (Note: This feature is available only to English speaking users.)

Video Editing

Google Photo is a platform that allows you to back up video, even if it is focused on photos. Even basic video editing tools are included. The tool consists of two versions. Open one of the videos and tap the Settings button at the bottom of the screen. You can then rotate the video. This function is useful when the shooting angle is abnormal.

Another editing interface is located in the ‘Make Movie’ section of your app. On the Assistant tab, tap “Movies.” Tap “Select photos and videos” and select one or more videos. You can then merge them together and trim the end to a new project file. It also has an automatic movie creation function, such as a megan movie, a dog movie, and the like. Google AI is a feature that automatically edits video. It takes time to process on a Google server.