Instagram: how to request and get (finally) the blue check

Instagram: how to request and get (finally) the blue check

Instagram: how to request and get (finally) the blue check

Good news from the Instagram front : the well-known social network of images finally offers all users the possibility to request the much desired blue tick . Whether it’s a private profile or a company profile, the social offers everyone the chance to get an account check.

This does not mean that we will all be verified, though.

Naturally the process aims to verify the accounts of “important public persons, celebrities, international brands”.

It is not yet clear on the basis of which values ​​the requests will be accepted or rejected.

Most likely the number of followers and the reach of the posts will be determining factors on the release of the blue tick . So if your goal is to get a verified account, but you’re neither a famous person nor an international brand, then you’ll have to keep working to increase your profile values.

How to request verification of the Instagram account?

Requesting verification of your Instagram account is quite simple and fast.

To do this, simply follow the instructions below step by step:


  1. From your profile click on the menu at the top right and then on the item ” Settings “

how to request and get finally the blue check

  1. Click on ” Request for verification “

how to request and get finally the blue check


  1. Read carefully the text that consists of a declaration of non-responsibility on the part of the social network that says: ” Sending a verification request does not guarantee verification of your account “.


  1. Enter your first and last name (real).

how to request and get the blue check


  1. To get the blue check, it is essential that Instagram can really verify your identity, so you will be asked to attach a photo of an identity document, eg. ID card, passport, driving license and so on.

Once you have entered all this information, you will not have to do is wait, and it will be the same Instagram to send you a notification of acceptance or, unfortunately, of refusal.

What are the benefits of having a verified account?

The most obvious advantage is obviously that you will gain credibility in the eyes of your audience , but not only. Having a verified account means you can insert a link in your Stories without having to reach 10k followers, increasing traffic to your site, blog or ecommerce. Furthermore, by making the link traceable (via UTM, or simply by app as bitly), you will also have the ability to calculate the traffic coming from the social network, so as to monitor the real efficiency of your account.

At this point, you just have to work to increase your followers, so you can finally reach a reputation that you can ask Instagram to be included in the Olympus of accounts with a blue check.