Improper Use of Technology and Web

Improper Use of Technology and Web

The use of technology can be described as a problematic or addictive aspect when a person is not able to control the time and the modality in the multimedia world, causing psychological, social, scholastic and / or professional problems. The technology (I – pad; Notebook …) also dominates in schools where, although for educational purposes, children spend hours and hours with these devices. Not always, however, technology is considered harmful, even if used consciously by all users, the multimedia world simplifies our life and helps us in the daily activities such as tasks, work, business management …

It should be said that all users use these tools with respect, attention, … For a correct use of digital technology it is necessary to start from childhood where these values ​​should be planted. The task of parents is to monitor and limit the use of the Internet and their children’s technology mainly in childhood and preadolescence. Therefore, prohibiting young people from indiscriminate access to the web is useless.

It is rather important to educate and educate children about the benefits and risks of using new technologies.

The awareness of being part of a multimedia world (almost virtual) must not give free rein to inadequate behavior in the use of these tools at the forefront of technology. Referring to the casual and unpleasant episode of last Monday morning in the first hour (with Professor Masullo) we can generally say that the undue collection, disclosure and dissemination of images related to private life (personal, work, school …) that take place in a any place could be considered criminal acts and punishable from a penal point of view Article 615 bis of the penal code deals with illegal interference in private life by saying:

Anyone through the use of visual or sound recording tools, unduly procures news or images relating to private life, is punished with imprisonment from six months to four years.

Subject to the same penalty, unless the fact constitutes a more serious offense, the person discloses or disseminates, through any means of public information, the news or images obtained in the ways indicated in the first part of this article.

We can therefore understand that similar behaviors, though burlesque, are not even to be considered. The irresponsible use of the Word Wide Web can have devastating causes such as Cyberbullying. (Cyberbullying or “online bullying” is the term that indicates a type of continuous, negative, repeated, incorrect and systematic attack by the network.) In addition to these episodes of blatant unconsciousness, the wrong use of technology also involves other effects. man. For example, the prolonged use of the eyes in front of a screen, especially if small, is the cause of the growing myopia of recent years. Society should take responsibility for these episodes instead of stupidly reporting a material object.

In the last century, communications took place much more actively than nowadays, where e-mails and text messages appeared, and this often causes problems mainly concerning spoken language skills. For example, expressing ourselves in quick messages does not help us to improve our ability to expose, indeed the continuous abbreviation of words leads us to express ourselves both verbally and in writing with an increasingly poor and incorrect language. We must also consider the fact that we constantly think of computers, mobile phones and telephones because we want to approach people far away (Webcam …), but often with this fact we move away from those nearby. In fact very often happens that guys very close to each other (on the seats of the bus, by plane, at the cinema …) are more attracted to their cell phone than to dialogue with the person next to them.

The new generations are in fact the groups most at risk, as they grow up in an environment full of technologies but almost without “instructors” for using them; therefore platforms like Social Networks risk being taken as the “miracles” of communication, but of becoming the death of the real social life of individuals. I am of the idea that, although technological advent can accelerate and facilitate communication more often, in my view technology is often, in a certain sense, “cold” and detached in human relationships.

Often the excessive use of mobile phones in places frequented by other people, can also bring simple trouble.

In USA, the law does not prescribe a general prohibition of the use of the mobile phone in these cases, because this would limit the freedom of the individual. But we must remember that the freedom of the individual must always find a limit in the freedom of others. Therefore, it should be assumed as a rule of civil cohabitation by each of us to not use the phone in certain places when the use may disturb the peace of others. We think, for example, in a train, or in a hospital, or in a restaurant, or even in a school. Regarding the latter, the Ministry of Education, University and Research, in 2007, banned the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices by students within schools with different penalties in case of failure observance of the norm.

As against other mobile phones, I can certainly say that it is not a good habit to keep the phone on at night, because it disturbs sleep because of electromagnetic waves and leads to the temptation to continually verify whether messages have arrived or something else. Another negative aspect of the cell phone is that it can make you lose the courage to say things to a person in the face or that behind it we can be a different person than we really are. We think of false registrations; to chats with strangers in which we are presented in a fake way …); in short, phones and PCs do not guarantee us that we are really talking to the intended recipient. Not to mention the fact that they ruin an important part of the speech between people, that of facial expression, of tone …

A symptom of adolescence is the race, looking for guides, between the lawful and the illicit, at the borders of the game and of the seriousness, which does not know the limits and the consequences of its actions; using multimedia as a support. And perhaps in this we can find a possible answer to the behavior of the boy on Monday in the first hour.


Finally, to make it difficult to control (for parents) the behavior of young people affected by technology when they are away from home (see what happened on Monday morning), is the fact that most of the time spent on the web is now due to traffic on smartphones (mobile cell phone). “This’ revolution” makes parental control even more problematic, because the possibility of connecting to the network from physical permanence (and therefore more easily controllable) in front of a PC has been released “.

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