How to use Google Flights to save on air travel

How to use Google Flights to Save on Air Travel?

How to search for aircraft on Google Flights to find flights from Italy at the lowest fares to fly anywhere in the world

Google Flights Since the Internet has existed, taking a plane is much more convenient and practical: all we have to do is visit the airline’s web page and book the flight that suits us best.

If we want to save something and we want to understand if our plane will be delayed or will undergo changes, we can rely on a service like Google Flights, which follows other similar web applications and offers all the computing power of Google servers to always find the best flight for we, monitoring the price trend (even for a very long period), monitor the traffic aeroe the extent of the delay.

In this guide we will show you how to best use the Google Flights service , so you can save on our next air travel for any national or international destination. Google Flights is one of the services that can make extensive use of artificial intelligence, as we will see in the rest of the guide.

How to use Google Flights to Save?

In this guide we will show you how to use Google Flights both from your PC and from your Smartphone or tablet (but using a web browser and not a dedicated app), so you can book our next flight on any device. Since Google Voli also has a payment system, we will be able to manage the entire transaction (including online check-in) from a single page, without having to open more confusing pages that can make you lose sight of the price (which is always guaranteed on Google).

How to use Google Flights from PC

If we intend to use the PC to book the flight (which we recommend), simply open the Google Flights page from any PC and Mac web browser, so as to display the main page of the service.

Home Google Flights

To start the search for a flight, simply enter the airport of departure and arrival in the text fields offered in the center of the page, customizing all the other parameters useful for identifying the correct flight (we can choose whether to create a flight outward and return or only outward journey, the number of passengers and which class to use). After choosing the destination of the trip, we will have to select the right departure date next to the destination field; in order to have a clear picture of the offers available for flights, we advise you to click on the calendar icon and scroll through the various prices for the route selected month by month, so that you can always choose the best time to travel (the prices most low will be marked in green).

In addition to the calendar, we can view all the prices using the Date Grid button, located immediately below the calendar buttons.

Also choose the dates we click on Finish and finally on Search; in the next page we will see all the flights available for the route selected, with the various prices offered by the supported companies (there are practically all those present on the national territory).

Once you have found the right flight, click on it to open the summary window and to get a clear picture of the departure and arrival times (more times may be present, depending on the chosen airline) and the price we are going to spend.

  1. New flight

After clicking on the most suitable time and at the price best suited to our needs, a new window will open where you can choose how to book the flight, choosing between Google or the airline’s website and pressing the Select button. From this point on we will only have to choose a payment method and buy tickets; if we use Google Flights to manage the negotiation, the tickets will be automatically added to the calendar and we can also receive information via email on delays or cancellations.

Another very useful feature is the monitoring of prices for a precise route: choosing a departure and arrival airport together with a starting time window, we can choose to monitor the price trend by activating the button next to the Monitor prices item, which will send suggestions by email.

  1. Flight prices

If, on the other hand, we want to get an idea of ​​the price trend over the course of the entire year, simply press the Price Chart button to have a complete and useful chart to find the right date to go.

  1. Graph monitoring

Do we want to create a complete trip? In this case we can also choose a hotel, add a train journey or a guided tour by clicking on the Hotel, Explore and Travel buttons, located in the left sidebar of the site.

  1. Complete journey

In this regard, we invite you to read our guide on how to plan itineraries and guided tours in each city using only the tools provided by Google.

How to use Google Flights from your Smartphone or Tablet?

At the time of writing, an app dedicated to Google Flights is not available, but we can use the website without problems by opening it with any mobile browser like Google Chrome (available for Android and iOS ).

Smartphone Flights

Once the site has been opened by the mobile browser, we will be able to quickly choose the departure and destination, customize the various options and proceed with the booking of the trip in the same way as previously seen in the previous chapter.

If we want at all costs to use an app to quickly book flights from a Smartphone or tablet, we recommend that you try one of those listed below:

  • Skyscanner ( Android and iOS )
  • Volagratis ( Android and iOS )
  • Expedia ( Android and iOS )
  • KAYAK ( Android and iOS )

To find other sites or apps to book cheap flights and last minutes, we invite you to read our guide to the sites to find the cheapest flight and the best travel offer .