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How To Set Up an Eyebrow Design Studio

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Have you ever thought about how interesting it would be to set up an eyebrow design studio? This is an interesting choice for those who want to undertake, especially from 2021 onwards, when there is a possibility of reducing the pace of the new coronavirus pandemic. After all, the main current vaccine alternatives registered incredible results in the final tests and more than 1 billion doses could be produced in the next year .

This means that there are reasons to hope for an economic recovery from 2021 onwards. Anyone who wants to do business can see this as a good sign for the future, especially in the area of ​​aesthetics and beauty, which is very popular in USA and Dubai. Our country is the third largest aesthetics market in the world, with thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Considering how people have spent months at home because of the pandemic, there is significant pent-up demand for those who want to get out of the house to get dressed, do their nails, eyebrows and enjoy life with their high self-esteem. Want to know how to set up an eyebrow design studio to take advantage of this demand? Then follow the reading below!

How to set up an eyebrow design studio in 5 steps

1. Build a business plan

The first point to open any company, in any segment, is to create a business plan. This is one of the most important documents of a company, since it establishes the “path” of the business operation.

Basically, a business plan establishes the company’s products and services, which market it will operate in, its pricing strategy, marketing start-up and growth planning.

It means, in fact, setting up a path that will be followed by the business. However, a business plan is not 100% definitive as it can be changed according to current circumstances.

2. Find the ideal place

The second point to be able to set up your business is to find the ideal place for your eyebrow design studio. That’s because the studio point is vital to your success.

It is important to think of two specific points about your business location. The first one is accessibility: it must be an easy place to reach, with comfort and practicality for your audience and also visibility. After all, an eyebrow design studio needs to be seen constantly by the public. A good option is the most visited shopping centers or commercial galleries in the city.

Another important point has to do with legal restrictions (see the Zoning Law and the city’s Master Plan to find out where it is allowed to set up your enterprise) and physical restrictions. Your commercial point must have enough space to carry out the work, receive customers, store equipment and maintain proper hygiene.

3. Purchase the necessary equipment

Next, you will need to purchase some basic equipment for your eyebrow design studio. Basically, you need to divide the equipment into three groups:

tax and management obligations;

basic structure;

work-specific equipment.

The first group includes items such as the fiscal coupon printer, credit card machine, computers to manage, software to control the studio’s schedule, among others.

The second group includes items such as chairs, service desk, mirrors, fans, lighting and all the basic decoration. Finally, an eyebrow design studio requires gloves, hygiene equipment, a recliner, special lighting, and other necessary items.

4. Make a pre-opening announcement

Before finally opening your studio, you’ll need to take care of all the paperwork in the process. We’ll talk about this in a moment, but it’s good to start doing pre-open marketing. This is important as it will arouse desire in the local public and ensure a strong start for the venture.

5. Take care of the opening bureaucracy

Finally, it is important to take care of the basic bureaucracy to open the eyebrow design studio. This includes obtaining a CNPJ, taking care of documentation at the Commercial Registry, enrolling in the State Department of Finance, obtaining a business license and taking care of some specific requirements of each city.

Ready! Now you know how to set up an eyebrow design studio. There are just 5 simple steps that help give that direction to the dream of being an entrepreneur and owning your own time. However, it is a fact that the bureaucracy of starting a business can be a little unmotivating, especially if you are not sure how to handle so many papers, where to go, which documents to take out and all that.

In that case, if you have the goal of creating your own eyebrow design studio, but don’t want to go through all that bureaucracy, we can help you! Our team is specialized in guiding entrepreneurs in starting a business (in 2020 alone, we helped more than 320 entrepreneurs to fulfill their dream of starting a business) and can help you throughout the process.

Want to know how we can help you get your business off the ground? So get in touch with us right now !