How to promote a real estate agency with innovative ideas

How to promote a real estate agency with innovative ideas

how to promote real estate agency

If you are looking for new tips to promote your real estate agency let yourself be inspired by our suggestions. Here’s how to set up a strategic and innovative marketing plan

Having a marketing strategy that differs from that of competition is a key tactic to get noticed in the crowd : even real estate marketing, traditionally linked to press and trade magazines can, and must, be made original and innovative. To be able to communicate in a fresh and captivating way with potential buyers, it is necessary to put into practice out-of-the-box initiatives and to have a unique and engaging communication style. If you are ready to try new real estate marketing techniques and to exploit all the potential of online, here are some ideas for you with a strong appeal to obtain excellent results in your profession.

Strategic and creative real estate marketing

Entering the properties you have for sale in sector portals, sending emails and newsletters or buying promotional spaces on the pages of local newspapers are operations

Certainly able to increase the visibility of the real estate agency that implements them, but today they are now taken for granted tactics that are no longer able to exert an incisive appeal on potential customers.

Combining them with some real estate strategy with a wow effect can instead lead to the achievement of highly satisfying objectives. To effectively promote and sell the properties you have available, try one or more of the methods proposed below.

Offer direct and exciting experiences

The opportunity to touch what you are about to buy is one of the most effective ways to convince yourself to finalize the purchase. Especially when your potential customers are about to invest large sums of money in high-value assets, such as real estate, giving them the opportunity to view and experience them firsthand is crucial in guiding them smoothly towards the conclusion of the sale . Events such as Open Houses are certainly useful, but much more can be done by exploiting the modern opportunities offered by the web and integrating experiential marketing techniques .

Services such as Airbnb allow, for example, customers who are most interested in a property to spend a few nights inside and really perceive what it would mean for them to live in that particular home. Buying a house is closely connected to emotions, so offering a chance to test a realistic experience of the future apartment on your skin is a strategy of great impact.

It is one of the most innovative ideas for real estate agencies, which perfectly integrates all the technologies made available by the online world. In addition to giving your customers unique help in making their decision , this operation will offer you great credibility as a seller, making them perceive how much you care about finding the ideal home for customers who rely on your professionalism.

Help customers settle in the neighborhood of their dreams

This second example of successful real estate marketing is based on the same philosophy: one of the most effective ideas for producing quality content and creative real estate ads is in fact to promote not simply the homes you have available, but real tours of the neighborhoods where they are located. The characteristics of the environment surrounding the future home is one of the key elements for those looking: to help them imagine in great detail what their life would be like in a particular area of ​​the city, you could organize a complete exploration for them that includes the discovery of main restaurants, points of interest, amenities and services in the area.

For potential buyers who have already seen and liked a certain property but who do not know the neighborhood where it is located, book a dinner out with The Fork and take them to their destination using Uber services. Or rely on a trusted taxi driver to accompany them on a quick but engaging exploration of the city. You can also consider organizing small meet-ups involving neighborhood community members to immerse potential buyers in the reality of the area and create pleasant connections.

Your real estate agency can draw tremendous authoritativeness from this real estate marketing strategy, and gain a surprising competitive advantage .

Take advantage of new forms of real estate communication

In addition to quality photographs and texts, there is another form of communication, which is becoming increasingly popular in every sector of the trade and which to ignore is definitely counterproductive: let’s talk about video content . Videos are among the key tools of modern marketing and you can use them to the advantage of your real estate agency. Such as? Taking advantage of the high engagement rate that live and direct videos on the main social media allow to achieve. Using platforms like YouTube to promote your properties or using drones to capture footage from new perspectives and show customers the property and its surroundings from absolutely new perspectives.

Videos generate trust, confidence and credibility : during a live broadcast nothing can be manipulated or retouched and the presentation of a property through these tools is absolutely effective. Why not also think about leaning on the potential of virtual reality and offering a highly truthful overview of buildings that are still finished or houses undergoing renovation?

Maximize your collaboration opportunities

The most innovative real estate agencies know how important it is to be well linked to the area where they operate : they optimize their relations with the neighborhood and potential local partners, and positively take advantage of these synergies to increase their results also by exploiting Facebook Lead. An example? Consider pairing your next Open House with a major event such as an exhibition or original exhibition by a local artist .

The important thing is to precisely define who your buyer personas are and what the interests of the audience you wish to address could be: once this point is clarified, designing an event tailored to them should not be too complicated. You will thus receive visits from numerous users interested in the property, but you will also have the opportunity to connect with many other people who may need the services of your real estate agency in the future.


Using the real estate marketing strategies described can provide your real estate agency with excellent visibility and give a decisive boost to your sales .