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How To Optimize Your Service / Product Pages To Generate More Sales?

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Optimizing your product and service pages to be seen by search engines is one thing. But once your target customers are on your site, they need to buy or contact you for a quote or an appointment. Here’s how to optimize these pages to improve your sales.

Create an optimal user experience

To get your target customers to your website and make sure they buy, it needs to be well structured. Net surfers are in a hurry. They want to easily navigate to find what they are looking for, while getting clear information about the products or services they are looking for.

For example, if you own a business selling and installing heaters, it would be wise to have one page for each of the services / products you offer: furnace, oil heater, air exchanger , geothermal, central system, outdoor unit and wall unit. Keep in mind that each of the product pages should ideally be optimized for SEO and contain a minimum of 500 words, the main keyword as well as many relevant lexical fields. Meta tags must also be optimized.

Page optimization to generate sales

In order to optimize your product and service pages so that your prospects contact you before leaving your website, implement the following solutions:

– Multiply calls to action: to convert your prospects into customers through your website, you must encourage visitors to contact you in each of your pages by

– Buttons leading to your contact form: clickable buttons CONTACT NOW, FREE SUBMISSION or FREE CONSULTATION must be present on all your pages

– Incentives to call : for example, a renovation or landscaping company will write at the end of the texts of each page of services: Contact us to explain your project to 514-379-9999. Your phone number should be visible, roughly, at the top of all your pages.

– A discount offered on a specific product: for example, a hairdresser can add a button Make an appointment before July 15 and get a free styling with a haircut for women. Or a beautician could write: December discount: 20% on the installation of false eyelashes Russian (sentence that also contains all the keywords for this service).

– Incentives to come in store: a vendor of heating products will be able to indicate, at the end of its texts: Come to meet us in store to see all our models and types of heating systems, and to ask us all your questions.

– Your availability for information: in the texts of all your pages, write: To obtain additional information about this product (or service), contact us at the following number …

– A pop-up window: When a potential customer is active on your site, make sure that a pop-up window opens from the first minutes to offer a personalized service with a message like this one: We can help you. Leave us your email so that we can contact you. Give the customer the choice to click No thanks. If the customer leaves you his e-mail address, this will allow you to send him your offers regularly via an to action

– A small pop-up chat box: at one point or another of your site, a small window stating “We are online, you have questions?” Helps to encourage the visitor to talk to you.

– “Book this product” button : a “Reserve this product” or ” Quantity in stock” button under each product photo can be very effective. These clickable buttons lead to a booking form.

– Mention “If you find cheaper elsewhere”: this sales technique can attract customers who want the best price or a cheaper service. Ask to see a quote from a competitor and, if the price beats yours, commit to charging 5% or 10% less!

– Describe AND convince: in the texts of your product and service pages, do not just describe the characteristics of these pages. Trust your customer and convince him with arguments that will decide to buy. Show him the result he will get when he is in possession of a particular product. Emphasize that its quality of life will be increased, the comfort and daily satisfaction that will be felt, as well as the expected return on investment in the medium term.

– Talk about your warranties: Usually, manufacturers guarantee their products. Highlight the fact that you also guarantee your services (whether it is a roofing installation, installation of dentures or removal of fragile items!)

– Add videos: a video explaining your products or services (up to 2 minutes long) is extremely effective in getting calls from buyers ( increases purchases by 144%!) .

– Be geolocatable: with their smart phones, users are looking for a product or service close to their location. Integrate this feature into your website.

Hire web optimization professionals

By engaging inbound marketing professionals and converting prospects into customers, you will benefit from a comprehensive SEO audit.

These experts will then be able to determine the optimization strategies to implement for a better performance of your website. Because it’s not just about optimizing your web pages, it’s also about optimizing the entire process of converting the visitor into a buyer, knowing the buying process and optimizing your digital marketing budget .