make money with YouTube

How to make money with YouTube, video channels and videoblog

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make money with YouTube

All you need to know to earn real money with videos on YoutTube

YouTube is one of the most visited sites in Italy for the content offered by people who, armed with webcam or camera, show their skills or entertain people willing to follow them on the most diverse topics.
These people do not upload their videos on YouTube for simple pleasure, but in many cases they have made it a profession (YouTuber) , they also earn substantial numbers compared to the average salaries available in Italy.
If we think we have the right skills and arguments to break down on the “screen”, let’s arm ourselves with a good dose of patience and see below how to make money with YouTube and videoblog, showing you the essential accessories to be able to start producing quality videos the procedures forbe able to make money with YouTube through the ads provided by the platform itself.

If it is true that, in theory, anyone can make money with Youtube , it is also true that becoming rich or doing it as a job is a company that depends on talent and, above all, on luck.

The right accessories for quality audio and video

Before we even start recording videos, we choose a good location and theme with the topics we intend to deal with: usually it’s okay too a bedroom or an office room, but make sure that it is quite isolated from external sounds and that nobody can disturb you (even more if you intend to shoot live streaming, where we can not cut anything after in post-production).

Once you find the place to shoot, we will have to choose how to do the same.
If we are really beginners and we will stay for most of the time sitting we can bet on a webcam of good quality like the one available here -> Logitech C920


This Webcam records video at 1080p and is also equipped with a good microphone, simply connect it to the PC via USB and use one of the many programs available for recording videos, such as those recommended here -> Programs to record video from the PC webcam .

If, on the other hand, we want to do things well and want to make videos even on foot or in motion with a quality to envy a small studio we can equip ourselves with a Panasonic HC-V180EG-K camera, available here -> Panasonic HC-V180EG-K

Panasonic HC-V180EG-K camera

With this we can record in FullHD at a good quality, perhaps using a tripod to help in shooting.

To record quality sound better forget about the microphones built into the webcams or video cameras and instead rely on a condenser microphone like the one available here -> Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone (27 €).
Neewer Microphone NW-700 Condenser Microphone

So we can easily place this microphone in the shooting area (the ideal is immediately above the device that resumes, so as not to make it appear in the shots), so as to get a clean and clear sound of our voice or the sounds that we will go to use in shooting.

Obviously all these accessories are very useful if we intend to make money with YouTube and videoblog and distinguish ourselves from those who make random videos of bad quality or with mobile phones , but in the end it is always the arguments to win : if we will cover very popular topics or that people are looking for when it opens YouTube, we will earn important figures regardless of the type of accessories used.

How to upload videos to YouTube

After seeing some simple accessories to use to make quality videos and audio, let’s find out how to actually earn from YouTube for every video we made.
First of all let’s subscribe to YouTube: just click on the link here -> YouTube .

YouTube is owned by Google, so we can use a Google Account that we already have to sign in or create one from scratch by clicking Create an account .
It can however be useful to create a separate e-mail address, in order to set up the new account by dedicating it only to Youtube.
When you create an account, in fact, you have to think well of the name because this can no longer be changed and will be the distinctive mark to be found and be recognized.
Once registered or once logged in, we can upload videos quickly and easily by clicking on the Create a video or a post -> Upload video button , located at the top right of the YouTube homepage.

Now we will be asked to create our personal channel, where we will find all the uploaded videos; confirm to find us in the window where you can upload the video files of the shots taken.

Drag the video file or load it by clicking on the upward arrow symbol, then choose how we want to display the video ( Public to show it to everyone in the world, Private to make it visible only to you or who owns the link and the authorizations).

The site will start loading the chosen video, the time required varies depending on the line in our possession (an ADSL could take a long time because of the poor upload, while FTTC or FTTH allow you to get very interesting upload speeds).

At the end of the upload will open the YouTube video editor, where you can choose the title, subtitle and other features to beautify the video that we decided to upload to YouTube.

At the end we confirm and wait for the publication (it may take a few hours).

For the video channel, you need to select a category that describes the topic.

Some of the categories include topics like humor, entertainment, games, sports, travel and other popular ones .
The big difference between creating amateur YouTube videos and those hosted on a partner’s channel is the original content .

YouTube states that to be able to earn money it is necessary to possess all the necessary rights for the commercial use of the images and also of any music or audio.

Videos protected by copyright and video playlists from another YouTube user can not be used to monetize.
So you can not, for example, make money by uploading videos of other people on Youtube, because even millions of views would not be ours.

For the gameplay the question is less clear and instead should be verified on a case by case basis, video game videogame.

So, before thinking about money, make sure you have all the rights you need to use the video content, including background music.

You can use third-party content on YouTube by submitting written permission from the copyright holders.

How to make money with YouTube and videoblog

Now that we’ve seen how to upload videos correctly to YouTube, it’s time to see how we can monetize every visit that is made on videos that are successfully published on the platform.

Let’s open the Creator Studio of our channel by clicking on the right-hand side of the YouTube account icon (obviously already connected) and select the Creator Studio entry .

In the menu that opens, click on Channel -> Status and functions and enable the Monetization entry .

If your account is eligible and has passed all the checks, from now on your visits will be counted and the advertising messages that appear in them will allow you to earn a small part of the advertising revenue on all the videos you upload (always if suitable to monetization).

To request to be a Youtube partner go to this page and make a request.
Earnings are made through the Google Adsense program to which you must be registered.
To know how to connect Youtube with Adsense refer to the Google guide .
Keep in mind that the strict rules of Adsense also apply to Youtube so you have to read the regulation and respect it without any exception if you do not want to be excluded.

In the Video Management section of the channel you can choose in which movies to activate advertising by selecting the option Monetary from the Actions menu , with the possibility to choose the type of announcement. To be successful, it is important to promote yourself and videos made in social networks, perhaps even relying on specialized companies. Even the best content needs promotion to be findable, shared and visible to more people.

Linking the YouTube channel with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allows you to automatically send videos to multiple people at once, right after you upload it.

To be successful, it is important to promote yourself and videos made in social networks, perhaps even relying on specialized companies.
Even the best content needs promotion to be findable, shared and visible to more people.
Linking the YouTube channel with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allows you to automatically send videos to multiple people at once, right after you upload it.

If we have never visited the Monetization section , we need to know some very important things:

– Advertising revenue is managed through AdSense , so you will be asked to activate this service in order to monetize YouYube videos;

– from January 17, 2018 the requirements to monetize on YouTube have become very strict: we must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to our channel and 4,000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months;
– once monetization is activated, it could take weeks and months before it is accepted and start making money;
– it is not certain that our contents are suitable, so there is the risk of not gaining anything if the topic is not suitable for monetization.

Making money with YouTube is not easy , since for at least a year it must be cultivated as a simple passion: the real gains will come only in the future, so at the beginning we will only have to think about making good videos and attract as many people as possible on the channel, so as to meet the requirements to become a partner of YouTube and start making money with videoblog.

Starting from scratch, if you want to upload your own and original videos on Youtube to earn money , you have to subscribe to the partner program , available to all the creators of video.

You do not have to pay anything and there is no discrimination on Youtube, anyone can earn some money that comes from advertising that Google, owner of Youtube, shows before the videos.

You can not, therefore, immediately make money with Youtube, but you have to wait until you have created a channel that has a minimum following.

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