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How to Make Money with a Site

After reading my guide on how to be first on Google , you have optimized your website and in a few months you have found improvements in the positioning of your pages on the famous search engine. As a result, even visits to your blog have started to grow to the point that you would now like to take advantage of the situation to earn some money. However, not having any experience, you would like to know the main services that allow you to monetize a blog and link them to your site. Things are like that, are not they? So let me say you arrived in the right place at the right time!

With today’s guide, in fact, I will explain how to make money with a site by  listing all the solutions at your disposal. First, I’ll talk about banner ads, indicating the detailed procedure to sign up for Google AdSense (one of the most popular and affordable online advertising systems) and create your first ads, then I will also tell you how to monetize with affiliations, focusing mainly on the Amazon program, which allows you to receive commissions on products sold through their links. How do you say? Can not wait to learn more and learn more? So we do not waste any more time in chatter and we immediately pass to the action.

Courage: make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and read the next paragraphs. Follow the instructions I am about to give you carefully, choose the monetization solution that you think best for your website and I am sure that with a little patience and continuing to create quality content, you will be able to get your first earnings. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read and make a big good luck for you!


  1. Earn money with a banner site
  2. Google AdSense
  3. Other advertising circuits
  4. Direct sale of advertising space
  5. Earn money with a site with affiliations
  6. Other solutions to make money with a site

1.Earn money with a banner site

The first solution that I can recommend to make money with a site is to rely on banner ads . However, keep in mind that the latter allow you to monetize if your website has a reasonable following: if your blog is just born or, for the time being, does not have a good base of daily visits, before inserting banner ads and think about the profit, I suggest you to continue working on the contents and the improvement of your site (maybe following one of my themed tutorials ).

2,Google AdSense

The best service to start making money is Google AdSense , the advertising circuit of Google. The latter does not require minimum requirements in terms of views and allows anyone to create banner ads, insert them on their website and start monetizing easily.

To create your account on Google AdSense, linked to the main page of the service  and, if you have not already done so, click the Login button to log in with your Google Account (if you do not have one, you can read my guide on how to create a Google account ). Choose, then, the account with which to register, enter the password in the appropriate field and click on the Login button .

Now, presses on the entry Register now , enter the required data in the URL fields of your site and Email address , put the check mark next to one of the options available between  Yes, I would like to receive the personalized guide and performance suggestions and  No, not I would like to receive a personalized guide and performance suggestions to indicate whether or not to receive emails from Google AdSense and click the Save and continue button .

In the new page open, select your country of residence (eg Italy ) through the drop-down menu in the box Select the country or area , put the check mark next to the option  Yes, I read and accept the contract and make click on the Create account button . Then press the Start button and in  the Payments screen , enter the required data in the Account type ( Private or Company ) fields , Name , Address , Postal code , City and  Province and presses the Send button .

Then verify your identity by entering your phone number in the appropriate field and choosing one of the verification options between text message (SMS) and voice call . Made your choice, presses on the item Generate verification code , enter the verification code received in the appropriate field and click the Submit button to verify your identity and complete the registration.

Now you need to link your website to the newly created AdSense account. To do so, click the Copy code button on the Link page  of your site to AdSense , enter the code generated on your website, check the box next to the option  I have pasted the code on my site and click on the Finish button . It will be useful to know that it may take a few days for the connection to be successful.

Once the creation of your account and the connection to your website are complete, you are ready to create your first advertising banners. Then select the Announcements item in the left sidebar, click on the Ad units option and press the New ad unit button . In the new screen displayed, click on the Select item relative to the box select Text and display ads , enter the name to be attributed to the banner ad in the Name field and set the visualization by clicking on the Recommended option . My advice is to leave Recommended Option to create banners that automatically adapt to any type of screen.

Once the advertising banner has been customized, click the Save and get code button , copy the code shown in the Ad code field and paste it into the pages of the site where you want the banner to appear.

Although there are no limitations in creating banners, you should know that it is not recommended to fill your website with advertisements. In addition, they must be in a visible position so that they can generate a profit: it makes no sense to place an ad at the bottom of your site.

If, on the other hand, you’re wondering how the payments work, Google pays on the 21st of each month if the balance is 100 USD or  more . In the Homepage section of your account, you can view your earnings in the Estimated revenue box (with daily earnings, the previous day, the last week and the current month) and Balance with the amount to be paid. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to make money with AdSense .

3.Other advertising circuits

If you’re wondering if there are other advertising circuits besides Google AdSense, the answer is yes. Among those you can consider are BidVertiser , Criteo , Ligatus and Juice ADV , but many of these require minimum requirements to be activated.

Alternatively, if you use WordPress, you can rely on the WordAds circuit  . The latter does not require any requirement other than the installation of the free  Jetpack and AdControl plugins  that allow you to easily insert banner ads. After downloading and installing the plugins in question and completing the registration, click on the Settings and AdControl entries in the sidebar of the WordPress administration panel, then check the next to the Every visitor option to activate the display banners and automatically insert a banner at the bottom of each article.

Furthermore, by selecting the Enable header ad option  you can automatically insert a banner at the top of your website and you can choose to show this banner on mobile devices ( Enable mobile header ad ). In addition, you can add one or more banner ads in the sidebar of your website by clicking on the Appearance and Widget items and dragging the AdControl Widget box in the section you are interested in.

You must know that with WordAds it is not possible to monitor the progress of individual banners. In addition, earnings are only visible monthly and payments are made when 100 dollars are reached.

4.Direct sale of advertising space

If your website has a good performance in terms of views or has a good reputation in a particular niche, you can also opt for direct sales of advertising space . By doing so, those directly involved can contact you and make arrangements privately, without any intermediary.

To try to sell your advertising space, I suggest you create a page dedicated to advertising in which to enter any quotes, basic information and contact information. To give greater prominence to this option, you can also place ads in the positions you want to dedicate to advertising that, on click, refer to the page dedicated to advertising information.

5.Earn money with a site with affiliations

The affiliations are another very valid way to make money with your website. If you have not heard, the Affiliate programs allow you to place banner ads and links to products and services for sale on specialized sites: each sale coming from its web space it is “rewarded” with a commission that varies according to the product sold.

Among the most used affiliate programs there is certainly that of Amazon . In fact, on the famous online shopping site you can find thousands of products and, therefore, suitable to be offered on any type of website.

To create your Amazon affiliate account, linked to the main page of the service , presses the Subscribe now for free button and, in the new open page, enter the login details to your Amazon account in the fields  Email address or mobile number and Password . If, on the other hand, you have never registered on the famous online shopping site, I leave you to my guide on how to register on Amazon .

After logging in with your account, answer the questions  Who should we send payments to? ,  Who is the main contact for this account? and  For the purposes of US tax law, you declare you are a US citizen? choosing one of the available options and presses the Next button .

In the new open page, enter the URL of your site in the field  Enter your website and click on the Add and Next buttons , then enter the required data in the sections Profile and Traffic and monetization , verify your identity by entering the code shown on video in the appropriate field, put the check mark next to the  Accept Terms and Conditions related to the Operating Agreement of the Affiliate Program and press the button Complete your registration .

Now, click on the item Create product links in the top menu and choose one of the available options: Link products to create a link to a specific product for sale on Amazon; Banner to choose one of the ready-to-use banners provided by Amazon or  Link to any page on to create a link to a specific page of the Amazon site (eg a category of products). Made your choice and created the banner or link of your interest, copy the HTML code shown on the screen and insert it in the page or section of your website where you want to display the products.

You can monitor your earnings at any time by clicking on the Home item in the top menu. In the Summary box for this month, you can view the number of clicks your visitors have made to the Amazon banners, the number of items ordered , the number of items  shipped, and total earnings for the past 30 days. By clicking, instead, on the item View full report , you can see more specific data, such as the individual items purchased through your website. To learn more, you can take a look at my guide on how to make money with Amazon with affiliations .

It will be useful to know that if your blog is made with WordPress , you can use Amazon Associates Link Builder , the official Amazon plugin that allows you to insert links to products directly from your website, choosing among numerous graphic templates.

If, however, you are wondering if there are other affiliate programs, the answer is affirmative: among those that I can advise you and that you can consider are the programs of  Apple , TicketOne , Skyscanner and eBay .

6.Other solutions to make money with a site

Do you want to make the most of your website and, in addition to advertising banners and affiliate programs, would you like to know other ways to make money with a website ? In that case, here’s a further list of what you can consider.

Selling products online : dedicating a section of your website to selling products or services can be another good way to monetize. In this case, my guides on how to open an ecommerce and how to use Facebook to sell could be useful .

Sponsored articles : Unlike direct selling of advertising space, writing sponsored articles allows you both to create valuable content for your website and to monetize. For example, if your blog is about music, you may be contacted by a singer willing to pay you to write a review of his new album.

Creating courses and events : if your website has allowed you to get an important reputation in a given topic, you can think of creating an area dedicated to training with access restricted to subscribers or realizing classroom courses for a fee.